How to take folic acid for conception?


Doctors say that folic acid before pregnancy, taken in the form of special medications or due to products containing it, does not help to get pregnant because its purpose is different. It helps to improve the quality of the egg and sperm cells by stimulating the synthesis of the desired nucleic amino acids. B9 promotes better absorption of other nutrients, increases hematopoietic function, affects the formation of the fetus. In the "interesting position" it should be used so that the baby does not have:

  • defects and abnormalities of the brain,
  • epilepsy,
  • allergies.

Do you need folic acid for men when planning pregnancy

According to experts, not only a woman needs folic acid before pregnancy. It is recommended for family planning and for men, because its benefit lies in the normal formation of sperm, the quality of which is responsible for the onset of conception and the health of the future fetus. If a woman needs to use folacin during the preparation and during gestation, then men can stop using it as soon as the couple learns about the positive test. Prescribes medicine doctor.

What foods contain folacin

If you are concerned about how to take folic acid when planning a pregnancy, it is not necessary to turn to medicines. The following foods will help fill its shortage:

  • leafy greens: dill, sorrel, cilantro, spinach,
  • legumes,
  • citrus,
  • buckwheat and oats,
  • walnut, almond,
  • liver, offal.

For better digestion, it is recommended to use folacin-rich herbal vitamin products without cooking. Sources of animal origin allow minimal exposure to temperature. Conditions are observed to reduce the loss of folacin, which is destroyed by heat to a level of 90%. Eating foods rich in substance is recommended every day, and you can eat sea fish, cheese, chicken eggs, which contain slightly less active substance than those listed, but are needed in the diet.

How to drink folic acid when planning pregnancy

At the stage of preparation for carrying only the doctor determines how to drink folic acid. The appointment will depend on chronic diseases, bad habits, test results. The standard dosage is in the use of drugs in the form of tablets for the quarter before conception. A man shows a dose of 40 milligrams per day, and a woman twice as much. Excess or overdose substances are not terrible, because water-soluble vitamin is excreted from the body without side effects.

If one of the parents or other relatives had brain pathologies, the dosage for a woman during gestation will be 2 g per day, and if the first child of the couple suffers from similar defects, then 4 g. Use this substance better after eating, because the active ingredients can negatively affect the gastric mucosa. The doctor will prescribe the time of use and the number of capsules taken by the expectant mother by week.

Vitamins with folic acid when planning pregnancy

You should be wondering how to take folic acid when planning a pregnancy. For convenience, it is better to take into account the following data on popular medicines:

  1. Tablets of the same name. Have the most affordable price, very popular. The quality is evaluated by many gynecologists: doctors prescribe the drug to mothers in the amount of 1 tablet (1 mg) per day.
  2. Folacin, Apo-folik. They are prescribed for serious lack of folacin in a pregnant woman, because each dose contains 5 mg of the active substance. This drug is prescribed only by a specialist and is considered curative, while others are prophylactic.
  3. Folio. In addition to 0.4 g of vitamin B9 contains 0.2 g of iodine. For the female body, 2 tablets are recommended, and for men, 1 daily.
  4. Multivitamin complexes Materna, Elevit Prenatal, Vitrum Prenatal, Pregnavit, Multitabs Perinatal. All of them in addition to B9, necessary at the stage of preparation for conception, contain other useful ingredients.

I decided to find out how to take folic acid when planning my pregnancy, 3 months before the planned day of ovulation, because as a doctor I knew about the need for the drug. The specialist advised me to use a standard amount for use - 1 tablet after inspection. I also prescribed the same to my husband. I hope the baby will be born healthy: we have made all efforts for this.

My first child was born with a cleft lip pathology, so I decided in advance to learn how to take folic acid when planning a future pregnancy for a second child. After the examination, the gynecologist assigned me an increased amount of medicine so that the second fetus would not suffer from developmental defects and a lack of vitamin. Daughter was born healthy.

My pregnancy was a sudden event for me, so as soon as I understood about it, I went to the doctor for a consultation. I knew from my girlfriends that folacin was important for the child, so I was worried that there would not be enough of him and he would be born with pathologies. Everything worked out - I was lucky, who had no need to drink a lot of vitamins.

general characteristics

Under folic acid understand vitamin B9, which is highly soluble in water and plays a crucial role in the functioning of the body. A deficiency of this substance leads to a weakening of the immune system, deterioration of the blood and nervous system.

The component is produced by the body itself, and also enters it with food. Therefore, the deficit is very rare. If it does occur, prescribe special medicines.

In pregnancy, the vitamin is especially important. Its deficiency or excess in the body of the future mother can cause pathology of fetal development. Therefore, doctors almost all pregnant women prescribed folic acid before conceiving a child.

Vitamin benefits for conception

In modern times, a large number of women cannot become pregnant. The causes of this phenomenon are many. If the culprit is not the pathology of the internal organs, but the negative impact of external factors, then folic acid for conception can help eliminate them.

Thanks to this element, the following positive effects are achieved:

  • Elimination of hormonal disorders,
  • Normalization of the reproductive organs,
  • Improving the absorption and absorption of other vitamins in the body,
  • Strengthening the immune system,
  • Stabilization of the functioning of the digestive organs,
  • Prevention of anemia.

Folic acid affects conception favorably. It allows women to successfully prepare for pregnancy.

Vitamin B9 in the planning period helps in the following:

  • Creates favorable conditions for the proper development of the future fetus,
  • Prevents pregnancy freezing,
  • Normalization of the formation and maturation of the egg,
  • Miscarriage warning.

Also, folacin normalizes the work of the nervous system, improves the psycho-emotional state of a woman, which is especially important for the safe conception and carrying of a child.

Do I need to take a vitamin man

Future fathers are also encouraged to take folic acid for conception. This significantly increases the chance of fertilization and the development of a healthy baby. If in the man’s body there is not enough of the substance under consideration, then this can interfere with fertilization and provoke sterility.

The benefits of vitamin for the male body during the planning and conception of the child is to improve the quality of sperm, preventing the improper development of the future fetus, increasing the speed of spermatozoa.

What does a vitamin deficiency at conception lead to?

If the body does not have enough folic acid, then negative effects occur.

These include:

  • Fast fatiguability,
  • Hair loss,
  • Brittle nails,
  • Blood clots
  • Disruption of fetal development,
  • Deterioration of sperm activity in men
  • The occurrence of anemia,
  • Exacerbation of symptoms during menopause.

If you want to conceive a baby to provide the body with folacin should be approached with great seriousness. Component deficiency will worsen the condition of the woman and lead to a failure in the formation of organs in the fetus.

The following effects are possible in a baby:

  • Lack of oxygen
  • Mental retardation
  • Weakening of the immune system,
  • Congenital abnormalities,
  • Neural tube defect
  • Malfunction of the circulatory system.

Also, with a folic acid deficiency, the child may not be born at all. A woman can have a miscarriage or give birth to a dead baby.

Foods rich in vitamin B9

During the planning period of conception, it is important for both parents to eat properly, so that the diet is balanced and provides the body with all the beneficial substances, including folic acid. If a person gets enough vitamin B9 for conception with food, then they may not take it as a pill.

Contains a useful substance in such products as:

To obtain the maximum dosage of folic acid for conception with food, it is required to eat dishes that are steamed or are not processed at all. Indeed, at high temperatures, the amount of vitamin in food decreases, which prevents the replenishment of its deficiency in the body.

Medicines containing B9

When eating is not always possible to normalize the level of vitamin B9. Therefore, women in the planning period of conception doctors are advised to take it in the form of drugs. There are tablets called "folic acid".

Also in any pharmacy you can find a large amount of vitamin complexes. Now such medicines as “Alphabet”, “Complivit”, “Elevit” are popular. The instructions of these drugs indicate how much vitamin B9 is contained in them.

Dose of administration

The exact dosage of folic acid for conception is determined by the doctor. Do not take the drug yourself. If a woman incorrectly selects the required dose, the effect of the reception will not be, and even harm is possible. Usually, doctors prescribe at the planning stage of pregnancy 0.4 mg per day. After conception, the concentration is often increased.

This useful substance is not able to accumulate in the body, so its use cannot be stopped. Doctors recommend starting the reception 3 months before conception. If after this time the pregnancy does not come, the treatment is continued.

Folic Acid Overdose

To take vitamin B9 for conception alone is impossible, since its excessive concentration causes harm to the body.

If there is a surplus of folic acid, the following side reactions may occur:

  • Digestive disorders: nausea, flatulence, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth,
  • Anemia,
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Allergy, manifested in the form of skin rashes, itching,
  • Fever,
  • Sleep disturbance,
  • Nervousness,
  • Failure of the kidneys.

An overdose of folic acid is often confused with an increase in the level of vitamin B12 in the blood, because both substances cause anemia. But an excessive amount of the last element is also worried by such signs as numbness, tingling sensation in the fingers, darkening of the skin on the palms.

Folate contributes to conception, so it is very important when planning a pregnancy.. But you can take it only with the permission of the doctor. In addition to the normalization of reproductive function, vitamin B9 is actively used in cosmetology to improve the condition of the skin, nails and hair.

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What it is?

Folic acid is a water soluble vitamin B9. This substance is considered fundamental for DNA synthesis and provides cell growth in the human body. The component performs many functions. It prevents the formation of tumors, creates antimicrobial protection and is involved in metabolism.

Replenishing the supply of vitamin B9 plays a special role during pregnancy planning and during gestation. If this item is missing there is a risk development of the future child of serious pathologies.

How does conceiving affect?

There are many reasons absence of conception for a long time, which are not associated with deviations in the performance of internal systems, but are the consequences of negative external factors. Folic acid is able to eliminate most of them. Namely:

    improves the quality of genetic material

Men taking folic acid during pregnancy planning increase chances conceiving healthy and fully developed baby. With a shortage of this component in the male body, fertilization of the egg may not occur for a long time. Even despite the absolute absence of deviations in the work of reproductive function in women.

The effect of vitamin B9 on the male body when planning conception:

    reducing the number of sperm with the wrong set of chromosomes,

Folic acid for the female body is necessary not only to replenish the supply of nutrients, but also for preparing for a potential pregnancy. The lack of this component creates the threat of serious pathologies of the fetus, which may be incompatible with its life or full development.

The beneficial effect of vitamin A has on the nervous system, which during pregnancy is of particular importance. The benefits of a component for a woman are the following factors:

How to use?

In most cases, folic acid is prescribed to couples, planning a pregnancy, a few months before the potential conception. Substance can be destroyed under the influence of some negative factors.

Therefore, the course of reception must be combined with changes in lifestyle and nutrition. Experts recommend to stop smoking alcohol. Tobacco smoke is considered the most active killer of this component.

The dosage and duration of folic acid intake are prescribed by a doctor. For the prevention of drugs with this substance should be taken in the dosage 400 mcg per day.

If a critical shortage of this component is found in the organisms of the future parents, the period of administration and daily dosages will increase.

If a man has a large number of dead spermatozoa or other during spermograms sperm composition, to eliminate this condition, doctors may strongly recommend taking folic acid.

The course must begin at least three months before the potential conception. In some cases, in addition to future fathers prescribed vitamin E. The combination of folic acid with this substance has a powerful healing effect on the male reproductive system.

Expectant mothers start taking vitamin B9 at least 3 months before the planned conception. The need to replenish the stock of this component may be assigned earlier if the woman is over 35 years old or has had a miscarriage, missed pregnancies or difficult labor. In such cases, the reception should be carried out six months before conception and continue until fertilization of the egg.

    At the planning stage of conception, women are advised to take folic acid in the dosage. 400 mcg per day,

Despite the fact that folic acid is very important for the reproductive system, it is necessary to replenish its stock both potential parents, the recommended dosage should not be exceeded. An excess of this substance can cause the development of hypervitaminosis. This condition will also negatively affect the planned conception and the organism of the future mother as a whole.

Vitamin B9: features and functions

To understand whether folic acid helps to get pregnant, it is enough to study its features, effects on the body and the processes occurring in it. It is a B-group vitamin - B9. It is necessary for the development of the circulatory and immune systems. Contained mainly in the leaves of plants, some vegetables, nuts and fruits. The amount of vitamin in them may vary significantly.

Vitamin-containing products

For example, in 100 g of the product is:

  • Beans: 300 micrograms of acid,
  • Brussels sprouts, walnuts: 130-150 mcg,
  • melon, broccoli, hazelnuts: 100-110 mcg,
  • strawberry: 60 mcg,
  • grapes, oranges: 30-40 mcg.

The maximum amount of vitamin B9 is contained in greens, fruits, cottage cheese

A high content is also found in spinach, beets, salads, sunflower seeds. Despite the fairly frequent reviews like “saw folic acid and got pregnant”, it is worth remembering that the vitamin has no effect on the fertility of the child. From its main functions can be identified:

  • improves the body's absorption of proteins
  • promotes the absorption of sugars and amino acids
  • promotes cell division
  • provides normal blood formation (contributes to the formation of white blood cells, platelets, erythrocytes),
  • participates in the formation of DNA and RNA, which carry information of hereditary nature,
  • предотвращает развитие атеросклероза,
  • улучшает работу пищевого тракта,
  • reduces the possibility of food poisoning, improves appetite.

The presence of folic acid is found in everyday foods: liver, beets

Understanding whether you can get pregnant from folic acid, the answer is unequivocal. She has nothing to do with fertilization. That is, if you have problems with conception, she will not be able to help with the problem of infertility or the absence of ovulation. Assign it to strengthen the body and prepare it for such a complex process of carrying when the energy reserves of the mother are spent on the development of the baby.

Folic acid when planning pregnancy

Vitamin B9 prevents the development of anemia, which was discovered almost a hundred years ago. After some research, it was confirmed that the risk of fetal neural tube diseases was reduced by 70% when taking folic acid. And due to the lack of development of certain dangerous diseases that are not compatible with the vital activity of embryos, the vitamin has helped to significantly reduce the number of miscarriages.

It has been proven that when taking folic acid to become pregnant, the risk of getting a neural tube in a potential fetus is minimized.

Complications in the absence of folic acid in pregnant

For the correct course of pregnancy and fetal development, the girl should receive all types of vitamin in the normal amount, including and folic acid. Is it possible to get pregnant with her lack, not a question. Of course, this is quite common. But with a shortage of this vitamin significantly increases the risk of some dangerous conditions:

  • miscarriage on short periods of development,
  • missed abortion
  • placental abruption,
  • congenital malformations of the embryo.

Terrible consequences may be due to a lack of folic acid in the body, for example: miscarriage, missed abortion, placental abruption

It is the increased risk of defects in the fetus that requires folic acid intake in order to become pregnant, bear and give birth to a healthy baby. Of the most common problems of the newborn include:

  • neural tube defect
  • anencephaly,
  • malnutrition
  • developmental delay (mental and physical).

Of course, it does not mean at all that with a lack and absence of folic acid in the diet, you can get pregnant and get a lot of problems. All very individual. Just with a small amount of vitamin in the body, increases the risk of these defects.

Considering how to take folic acid to get pregnant, it is worth remembering about the individuality of each organism. The level of immunity, the normal development of processes, the production of blood bodies, and the characteristics of digestion are very different for each girl. Therefore, the development of the fetus and the possibility of problems are also individual. As far as we remember, even with a lack of vitamin, it is possible to give birth to a completely healthy baby. If there is a desire to minimize the risk of the above defects, then take acid. Experts have confirmed that the consumption of pills, developmental problems in the fetus is not observed.

Vitamin Dosage

It is best to check with your doctor how to drink folic acid to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. He will prescribe an individual dose. If the girl herself decided to take the pills, it is worth reading the instructions and choosing the optimal scheme. Usually, taking 0.4 mg daily is considered the norm. Often, the doctor can increase this standard, almost twice, after successful conception.

When asked how to drink folic acid in order to become pregnant, doctors answer that the recommended dose is 0.4 mg tablets per day.

It is worth remembering that excessive reception does not give a positive result. In particular, taking more than 0.8 mg per day is not recommended. But the assimilation of the vitamin does not occur at 100%, and therefore too much to go too far.

How much to drink folic acid to get pregnant with a healthy baby depends on the instructions of the doctor. But this vitamin does not belong to the accumulated. If you stop taking it, then its content in the body will decrease.

If you do not want to drink pills for so long, you can easily do without them. Vitamin can be obtained from the foods and vegetables in which it is contained. It is difficult to confirm the effectiveness of the acid, because it would be simply impossible to find out if there could be defects in the newborn if the mother did not receive the vitamin. But it is known that folic acid helps to get pregnant (the girls confirm) and reproduce healthy babies in time.

In addition to helping to plan pregnancy, folic acid, according to the girls, helps to normalize the menstrual cycle

Additional couples tips

Doctors prescribe folic acid in order to get pregnant with a healthy baby, especially women, but men are often advised to take it. It is explained quite simply. Lack of vitamin in the male body affects the motility, quality and number of sperm. Men are prescribed pills, of course, only when they detect such problems. But if you wish, you can drink away the pills during the planning period.

Folic Acid Tips on Pregnancy Planning

Reducing the risks is simple enough - you should take vitamins for both parents. And you should not be limited to folic acid. Vitamin E to become pregnant with a healthy baby is equally important. It participates in metabolic processes, strengthens the walls of capillaries, prevents the formation of blood clots, improves immunity. And most importantly, its influence is seen in the reproductive function. A lack of vitamin E can even lead to infertility. Therefore, at the planning stage, both parents should take a complex of vitamins to improve the processes in the body, increase immunity and increase the chances of a new, healthy family member.

Many girls in the reviews write that it was with the beginning of folic acid intake that the long-awaited pregnancy began.

In the reviews there is the opinion that folic acid allows you to conceive several fruits. This statement does not have a scientific substantiation, but it is known that girls who took vitamin B9 at the time of planning were 40% more likely to have twins than not to take pills.

Folic acid benefits

This water-soluble vitamin belongs to group B, comes with food, a small amount is produced by the body - often this is enough for normal functioning. Sometimes you have to take the substance to the required level in a synthetic form. What is useful folic acid, why so much attention is paid to its quantity and availability?

Vitamin B9 - another name for this substance - helps to solve many problems. Its use helps:

  • prepare for conception
  • have a healthy baby
  • improve memory
  • slow down aging
  • grow up baby
  • smooth the symptoms of menopause
  • relieve irritability
  • prevent blood clots
  • get rid of anemia
  • normalize the psyche.

It is equally bad for a person to have a deficiency of this substance or an excess. When vitamin deficiency:

  • tiredness comes quickly
  • hair loss begins
  • nails break
  • anemia occurs,
  • thrombosis increases,
  • in women, symptoms of menopause worsen,
  • men have impaired sperm motility,
  • a child is born with pathologies.

Overdose of this substance may cause unpleasant symptoms and serious consequences:

  • bitterness, taste of metal in the mouth,
  • nausea,
  • flatulence,
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea,
  • hyperexcitability,
  • zinc deficiency, vitamin B12,
  • cancer cell growth
  • disorders of the kidneys,
  • mental disorder in the elderly,
  • development of breast adenocarcinoma,
  • the emergence of prostate cancer.

This vitamin is irreplaceable in addressing issues of female beauty. Affordable price helps to use the drug in cosmetology, in addition to the use inside, for the preparation of masks and medical solutions. Means is used for:

  • anti-pigmentation,
  • anti hair loss
  • preserve skin freshness
  • prevent wrinkles,
  • strengthen nails.

Folic acid action

Although this drug is available, has a low price, it is indispensable for the body, it greatly affects its work. This vitamin has the properties:

  • takes part in active cell division - helps to renew the skin, growth and development of the fetus,
  • contributes to the blood,
  • protects the walls of blood vessels, preventing the formation of blood clots.

Equally important is the involvement of vitamin B9 for the processes:

  • DNA formation - transmission of hereditary traits,
  • carbohydrate, fat metabolism,
  • increase immunity
  • amino acid synthesis
  • the production of enzymes that counteract the formation of tumors,
  • muscle recovery in athletes
  • hydrochloric acid production
  • iron absorption
  • exchange of adrenaline, serotonin.

Folic acid - manual

The drug is made in the form of ampoules for injections, tablets, is part of multivitamin complexes and dietary supplements. Vitamin well absorbed, has compatibility with many drugs. How much should you take this substance? Instructions for the use of folic acid recommends a daily dosage for an adult 400 mcg. It increases during pregnancy, the complex course of the disease.

You should take vitamin B9 as prescribed by a doctor - there are side effects, contraindications to use. Perhaps the appearance of a rash, itching, redness, bronchospasms. The use of the drug is not recommended in the presence of:

  • iron metabolism,
  • intolerance to substances
  • poor absorption of vitamin B12,
  • malignant neoplasms.

Indications for use are:

  • anemia,
  • infertility,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • gastroenteritis,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • mammary cancer,
  • schizophrenia,
  • migraine,
  • osteoporosis,
  • weakening of the intellect
  • menopause
  • preparation for conception,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation period
  • depressed.

During pregnancy

The waiting period of the child - a huge change in the body. Why is pregnant folic acid, why is it necessary? This is due to the formation in the first months of the systems and organs of the fetus. Vitamin B9 for pregnant women helps:

  • tissue growth due to cell division
  • transmission of hereditary traits,
  • development of nervous tissue
  • the formation of vessels of the placenta,
  • creation of the blood system.

How much vitamin does a pregnant woman need? The woman's body functions for two, the dosage also increases proportionately. It is very convenient that the drug has an affordable price - it is difficult to obtain the necessary portion of the substance from the products. The daily dosage for a pregnant woman should be 800 micrograms. At this time, prescribe the drug in the form of:

If the body has a deficiency of vitamin B9, there may be problems in a woman and child:

  • violation of blood,
  • neural tube defects,
  • tendency to thrombosis,
  • reduced immunity
  • mental retardation
  • miscarriage,
  • the birth of a stillborn child
  • congenital deformities
  • oxygen starvation of the fetus.

When planning a pregnancy

In order to exclude developmental defects, a woman needs to plan a pregnancy — start taking the drug three months before conception. This will help to accumulate the required amount for the period of increased stress on the female body. Folic acid dosage for pregnancy planning is 400 micrograms per day, which will help to avoid complications.

For men

Vitamin intake is important for the male body already in adolescence for proper puberty. With its deficiency problems with the nervous system, memory are possible. Folic acid is also important for men because it is responsible for the properties - the quantity, motility of sperm. With a shortage of substances probably infertility, the development of atherosclerosis.

How much and at what age to give this vitamin to children, decides a pediatrician. The price of the drug is available, and the value for the development of the body is enormous. To obtain the required dosage, children are diluted with a folic acid tablet with water, the required amount is collected with a syringe. Substance helps:

  • body height
  • creating immunity
  • the formation of organs.

Vitamin for fertilization

At what dosage should women take folic acid for conception when planning pregnancy? This question requires detailed consideration.

Modern women deliberately prepare for the appearance of the crumbs (read the article about the stages of pregnancy planning). Following the recommendations of the doctor, they undergo a medical examination and pass tests. Regardless of their results, the gynecologist will advise you to drink folic acid when planning a pregnancy.

A woman planning to conceive a baby should make vitamins an integral part of her life when planning a pregnancy. It is important to use medications that contain synthetic vitamins, and to eat foods rich in natural trace elements. Influence on conception and the way in which young parents lead their lives: at this time it is important to give up bad habits.

Before taking synthetic vitamin complexes, you should consult with a gynecologist. Their uncontrolled use can cause disruptions in the normal functioning of the female body. In this case, vitamins can harm, not help.

However, their importance cannot be ignored. For example, folic acid is necessary for conception.

We list the properties of folacin:

  • helps proteins digest
  • promotes cell division
  • affects blood circulation,
  • does not allow atherosclerosis to develop,
  • improves appetite and general well-being.

Waiting for a miracle

When planning pregnancy, folic acid is needed for both the expectant mother (for hormonal background) and the unborn baby. In the early stages of this vitamin is involved in the formation of the neural tube. Moreover, to get pregnant quickly and without problems to live this happy time, vitamin B9 should be drunk much more than ever.

Gynecologists unanimously agree that folic acid helps to get pregnant. In addition, "Folk" will help eliminate many deviations from the normal functioning of the fetus in the mother's body.

Defects in the fetus occur in the first weeks of pregnancy, when women usually do not know about conception. Therefore, it is important to start taking folic acid when planning a pregnancy, and not after it has arrived.

If the female body did not accumulate the required amount of folacin before conceiving, the pregnant woman will face many other troubles that can occur with a lack of folic acid:

  • placental abruption,
  • miscarriage in the early stages,
  • missed abortion
  • the appearance of multiple malformations.

Accepting “Folk” before pregnancy promotes proper growth and development of cells and tissues.

The value of vitamin B9

If there is a vitamin deficiency in food, the result will be noticeable after a few months: folic acid deficiency anemia will begin to develop in the body. It provokes the appearance of immature red blood cells and a decrease in hemoglobin. Because of this, the woman becomes irritable, her appetite decreases, she quickly gets tired and suffers from depression.

These characteristic symptoms after a while can be supplemented by hair loss, vomiting and diarrhea.

Folacin does not have accumulative properties, therefore, there is always a need for vitamin. A woman needs to regularly replenish B9 stores in order for the body to work properly and the reproductive system does not fail.

When planning pregnancy, folic acid should be in the right amount in the body already 2-3 months before conception occurs.

Gynecologists suggest that this time is enough for a woman so that a lack of vitamin does not affect pregnancy.

But the dosage of folic acid when planning pregnancy is selected taking into account the characteristics of the body of each woman.


As with any drug, B9 has a number of contraindications. In particular, hypersensitivity to this vitamin.

If a woman has a disease indicated in the abstract, then folic acid intake when planning pregnancy and its dosage will be determined by the attending gynecologist.

The instruction indicates that folacin cannot be combined with certain drugs (click to increase the instruction).

Not always taking folacin will help the fetus to form correctly. This may be due to incomplete absorption of the vitamin.

The body "does not accept" folacin or absorbs it partially under the following conditions:

  • woman smokes
  • suffers from alcohol dependence
  • lives in regular stress
  • not getting enough sleep
  • takes hormonal drugs

How and how much to take

The rate of folic acid is 200 mcg every day (provided that the person is completely healthy). If a woman wants to conceive, then the dose of folic acid should be greater.

How much to drink folic acid when planning pregnancy? Only a personal gynecologist will answer this question. The doctor after the examination will indicate the right amount of vitamin for a particular woman.

In large quantities, folic acid is needed is needed for women who have abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract. An unbalanced diet is another reason why folacin is not absorbed by the body.

Folic acid is found in many multivitamin complexes and supplements, so its amount in tablets varies. In the absence of specific medical recommendations, planning fertilization, it is necessary to take 400 μg of “foil” every day.If during previous pregnancies there were pathologies of the development of the fetus, then the dose may be increased to 1200 mcg. But a doctor should prescribe a therapeutic dose. It is desirable to begin reception for three to six months before conception, at least one month. When pregnancy occurs, vitamin supplementation should be continued for at least 12 weeks.

Doctors say that overdosing B9 is quite difficult, since its excess is excreted from the body. Therefore, it is better to slightly exceed the dose than to create a deficit.

Drugs that contain folacin

There are many complexes that have in their composition "folk". The content of B9 in them is different: from a prophylactic dose to a therapeutic one.

The gynecologist will advise the patient the right drug, since only the doctor will be able to calculate how much folic acid the woman needs.

  • "Folic acid". This drug contains 1 mg of vitamin B9.
  • Very popular drug "folio" when planning pregnancy. Its popularity is due to the fact that it contains folacin and iodine. They are necessary for the proper development of the fetus and the well-being of the future mother. The dosage of these trace elements is prophylactic, so most women successfully use it to compensate for the deficiency of folic acid.
  • "Folacin" and "Apo-folik" - drugs with folic acid. The content of vitamin in them is increased. They are taken when detecting a lack of folacin. That is, the dose contained in these preparations is therapeutic.
  • All multivitamin complexes for pregnant women are composed of folic acid.

Vitamin B9 in foods

In addition to taking prophylactic doses of vitamin A, it is important to introduce foods rich in folacin into the diet.
These are fresh vegetables, greens, legumes. A lot of this vitamin in pumpkin and buckwheat, as well as in some fruits. There is also folacin in animal products, but it is much smaller there.

The amount of folacin is reduced when cooking, so it is better to eat a salad of green leaves than a pound of boiled beans.

Follow all recommendations of the attending gynecologist, listen to the desires of your own body, lead a healthy lifestyle. Then you and your baby are not threatened with any health problems.

What is folic acid?

Folic acid - does it help you get pregnant? This substance is included in a number of amino acids belonging to water-soluble vitamins of group B. As part of a multivitamin, you can buy it at any pharmacy. In its natural form, it is found in meat and dairy products, in nuts and legumes, in citrus and spicy greens.

Some scientists claim that vitamin B9 or folic acid is recommended for young people to get pregnant safely, especially with an unbalanced diet. The substance is involved in many metabolic processes, therefore it is necessary for the body not only during the period of gestation, but also when planning pregnancy.

Important: Vitamin B9 does not accumulate in the tissues "in reserve", like vitamin C, therefore it is important that the substance is daily in at least a minimum amount daily in the body. Folic acid is synthesized in a small amount in the intestine, but this volume is critically low.
Our scientists have found that the work of folic acid is somewhat similar to estrogen. Sex hormones of the female body regulate reproductive function, are responsible for the stability of the menstrual cycle. Therefore, medications containing this vitamin, doctors often prescribe it with scanty and rare periods.

Does folic acid contribute to conceiving twins?

Experts from different countries are divided in opinions on this topic, but an indirect relationship still exists. Researchers have established empirically on pairs of twins, that if you drink folic acid, you can get pregnant faster - the productivity of the ovaries increases.

Indirectly, it can be argued that the chances of having twins or twins increase with vitamin B9. To clarify that the twins are the result of dividing one fertilized egg, twins are born from different eggs that come from the right and left ovary.

Australian doctors found that in the group of women who wanted to become mothers, at the planning stage of pregnancy, they drank folic acid to get pregnant with twins. According to the results of the experience, the number of multiple pregnant women is 40% more. But this does not mean that when taking a multivitamin will certainly be "multiple litter". Not at all! In the study, couples were taken in which twins or triplets along the line of the father or mother were in the delivery.

Swedish experts have confirmed that with the intake of folic acid, the chances of having twins are increased, but they do not provide great guarantees. With the tendency of the ovaries to "multiplicity", this probability doubles, in other cases, no one guarantees.

Domestic medicine is not ready to unequivocally confirm the direct effect of vitamins on the appearance of twins. And yet, doctors specify how to drink folic acid to get pregnant - dosed, everything is clearly written in the instructions for the drugs. These medicines are not prescribed for the birth of twins, but to prevent severe malformations of the fetus. And then how lucky someone!

Even after conceiving one, instead of two babies, or vice versa, the long-awaited twins, there will be no harm from vitamin B9! But still, first consult with your gynecologist how to take folic acid to get pregnant, the dosage should be prescribed by a specialist, depending on the condition of your body and the total load. And it is better to quit addictions, go to the reception of multivitamins and adjust the food to both spouses.

Folic acid preparations

Multivitamins, which includes B9, are prescribed in pills in various cases, including pregnancy planning, the chances of conceiving a healthy baby increase. Regular intake of this substance will guarantee a healthy child. Most often both future parents are prescribed:

  1. Ordinary tablets "Folic acid" with a minimum cost, each contains 1 mg of vitamin B9, they are drunk at least 1 time per day, better with meals.
  2. "Apo-folic" and "Folacin" also produced in tablets, but there is more dosage. Drugs are prescribed for acute deficiency of this substance, they belong to the medical (not for prevention).
  3. The drug "Folio" contains 2 essential elements - iodine and folic acid, helps to fully get pregnant people with insufficient thyroid function. The dosage is prescribed by a physician after an examination and hormone test responses.
  4. There are multivitamins developed for those who plan to conceive, such as Vitrum Prenatal and Materna, Pregnant Pregnant and Elevit Pronatal, Multi-tabs pronatal and Vitrum prenatal forte.
How to take folic acid for conception, it is written in the instructions for each drug. However, the dosage can be reduced if the daily ration includes products with the content of B9 in the form of organic compounds (in its natural form).

Before conception, they also accept other multivitamins, where, most often, this amino acid is also included. These are drugs freely offered in pharmacies “9 months. Folic acid, Mamifol and Complivit Mama.

All of them are convenient because the complex of vitamins is contained in 1 tablet, the main thing is not to forget to take them. And it's okay if someone drinks them by mistake, a sudden conception from one pill does not happen!

What foods contain vitamin B9?

Recommendation: Like most other organic substances, many vitamins are neutralized by boiling boiling. It is proposed to chop greens to eat fresh, cereal brew in a thermos. Small beans are presoaked, boiled three times and steamed on a warm stove under a tight lid. So all the nutrients are saved, and the finished beans are added to soup, borscht or vinaigrette.

Vitamins of group “B”, useful for conception, and microelements in a natural formula are contained in seafood and by-products (liver and kidneys), walnuts and almonds, grapes and many red berries. But do not forget that during culinary processing their value drops significantly. With prolonged cooking, they are completely neutralized or lost up to 90%.

Speaking about whether folic acid helps to get pregnant, do not neglect sauerkraut juice, and decoctions are useless. The maximum amount of vitamins during heat treatment retain only beets and pumpkin, but it is better to bake in the oven. In sour apples and cabbage, on the contrary, the amount of nutrients is greater than when stored in cellars until spring.

The amount of vitamin varies, depending on the method of storage. In canned vegetables, they are almost nonexistent, but harmful compounds are formed, which “climb out” in the form of gouty cones and osteochondrosis. Broccoli and salads are very rich in B vitamins, but only fresh.

Additional need for taking vitamin B9, despite a balanced diet, increases when taking oral contraceptives and in suppressing obesity on protein diets. Do not neglect folic acid to get pregnant - how to take, ask your doctor. Multivitamins are extremely useful in chronic metabolic diseases. Even with proper nutrition, many women of childbearing age are deficient in vitamin B9.

It is possible that the lifestyle of both spouses and living in the northern regions inhibits fertilization. Therefore, purchase folic acid, read the instructions for use for the normal conception of healthy offspring.

Why do you need vitamin B9 for adult men?

So it is laid by nature that the male body must always be ready to conceive. This is what distinguishes the gentleman from the weaker sex. Ovum in women matures only once a month. But sperm in men are formed constantly, regardless of the time of year and day of the week. If a couple can not conceive a child for a long period, the question arises: is the health of the representative of the stronger sex all right? Be sure to check the quality of sperm. Folic acid for men when planning a child plays an important role. Lack of vitamin b9 can lead to a decrease in viable sperm count.

The lack of the right amount of folic acid in the body often contributes to the development of gene mutations. If both take a pair of vitamins before conception, this significantly increases the chances of the birth of a healthy baby. Both men and women should start drinking folic acid no later than 3 months before the intended conception.

Folic acid for teenage boys

Vitamin B9 responsible for the formation of new cells. In some cases, folic acid is also prescribed to teenage boys. For men with infertility, the drug is prescribed in an increased dosage. For boys, the vitamin medicine can be used to regulate spermatogenesis. If a teenager has violations in this area, it will be possible to rectify the situation much more efficiently at an early age. If you let the problem take its course, the chances of infertility do not increase.

This does not mean that a boy should take folic acid-based drugs from an early age. No pills without the recommendation of the doctor can not give the child. All that parents need to do is to follow their lifestyle. He should be regularly in the fresh air, eat fully, enough sleep. It is necessary to ask for help if the child is lagging behind in his physical development from his peers. Most likely, in this case, the boy will be prescribed folic acid in combination with hormonal drugs. For men, when planning a pregnancy, vitamin B is also prescribed.9 in pills. Although it is possible to replace the pharmaceutical preparation with products rich in folic acid.

What should be included in the daily diet when planning conception?

If you use the right products, you no longer need to take pharmaceuticals. Where does folic acid contain? For men, when planning pregnancy, meat must be included in the diet. This product is considered a treasure trove of various vitamins and microelements. Most folic acid is found in beef. If you eat at least 200-300 g of this product daily, the need to use drugs containing B9will disappear.

All people, regardless of age, should eat pork or beef liver. It also contains folic acid for men. When planning pregnancy dosage can be 100-150 g per day. It is necessary to supplement the diet and other foods containing vitamin B9. Always in the dietary supplements for "male power" includes brewer's yeast. They also contain enough folic acid for men when planning a child. Reviews show that the use of multivitamin preparations is not mandatory if the family diet is rich. Both partners must eat properly.

Speaking of brewer's yeast, many of the stronger sex can remember about beer. But in fact, about alcohol will have to forget those who are planning to conceive a child. Beer is a real sperm killer. Indeed, folic acid is contained in a frothy drink. But the beneficial effects on the body can not be expected.

Folic acid tablets

Any pharmaceutical preparations can not be an alternative to good nutrition. But if a long time fails to conceive a child, a specialist may prescribe medication in pills. How much in one tablet should contain folic acid for men when planning pregnancy (mg)? This question is very important. Indeed, pharmacies offer drugs with different dosages: from 0.5 to 5 mg. Tablets allow you to more accurately calculate the amount of folic acid consumed per day. Before you start taking medicine, you should consult with your doctor. In most cases, the specialist will prescribe a minimum dosage, while recommending that you enrich your diet with foods containing folic acid in sufficient quantities.

Indications for use of tablets

When planning conception, folic acid for men cannot always be prescribed. Reviews of experts show that the reason for the use of the tablet of the drug is a number of associated diseases. First of all, it is macrocytic anemia. Also, the stronger sex is prescribed medication if sterility was previously diagnosed, even if the quality of sperm is currently at a high level.

Boys in puberty are prescribed folic acid if there is a lag in development. Vitamin B9 stimulates spermatogenesis. In some sexual dysfunctions, folic acid can also be prescribed in combination with other drugs. For men, when planning a pregnancy, the dosage is chosen exclusively by the doctor. Children vitamin helps to stimulate the memory and the nervous system. Therefore, the drug can be used to treat hyperactive babies. Although in this case the therapy has nothing to do with reproductive function.

How to take folic acid?

It would seem that all that is worth paying attention to when folic acid is prescribed for men when planning pregnancy is dosage. Reviews of specialists show that it is also necessary to choose the right time for taking the drug. Eat a pill after a meal, drinking it down with enough water, is impossible. It is a fat-soluble substance, so it is better to drink the capsule during the meal. In addition, vitamin b9 absorbed in direct proportion to vitamin B12. And if you additionally use foods rich in ascorbic acid, all the B vitamins are well absorbed.

We must also not forget that folic acid does not have the ability to accumulate in the body. Therefore, to start taking the drug is a few months before conception and not to miss a single day before the onset of pregnancy. Women should continue taking the drug and throughout the entire period of carrying the baby.

Reviews of folic acid use in men

In most cases, it is enough for representatives of the stronger sex only to adjust the diet, to saturate it with products rich in vitamins and trace elements necessary for health. The above recommendations are more suitable for the representatives of the stronger sex, who have any abnormalities associated with the deterioration of sperm quality. According to reviews, prolonged use of folic acid helps to achieve the desired pregnancy. At the same time you should not count on instant results. Some have to take vitamins for several months.

Why do you need folic acid when planning

It is believed that starting to take vitamin B9 should be three months before the intended conception. This will allow the body to be fed with folic acid. It is important that both parents undergo this training at the same time, since their health is equally important for the correct formation of the fetus. A sufficient amount of folic acid in the body at this stage will provide:

  • правильное формирование яйцеклетки,
  • высокую подвижность и проникающую способность сперматозоидов,
  • снижение числа неполноценных мужских семенных клеток.

Кроме этого стоит учитывать, что в организме человека фолиевая кислота является участником многих процессов. Она оказывает влияние на:

  • метаболический обмен,
  • assimilation of other vitamins and nutritional components,
  • maintaining immunity
  • improved appetite
  • the digestive system,
  • the formation of red blood cells and affect hemoglobin levels,
  • the elasticity of blood vessels
  • hormones,
  • cell division
  • DNA and RNA synthesis
  • psycho-emotional state
  • reduction of intoxication.

All these phenomena are especially important at the planning stage of pregnancy. After all, a small organism will have to develop from those resources that the parent cells possessed during the fusion of their nuclei. And if during this period there was some kind of failure, it will certainly affect the health of the future crumbs.

There are studies that confirm that taking folic acid prophylactic before conception helps to reduce the risk during gestation:

Folic acid does not have a direct effect on increasing fertility. Therefore, if a man or woman is diagnosed with infertility, it is unlikely that it will be possible to eliminate this problem with vitamins alone. Folic acid will not act as a "catalyst" of conception. Despite its usefulness, this substance will not stimulate the meeting of germ cells, if this process has some kind of physiological obstacle.

And here more about the drug Feimbion when planning pregnancy.

What dosage and regimen

The validity of the use of folic acid in the form of drugs must be determined by the doctor. Depending on whether the intake of vitamin B9 is prophylactic, or whether the body is experiencing an acute deficiency, the dosage will be different. Most often, folic acid deficiency occurs with:

  • alcohol abuse, which increases the consumption of a beneficial substance,
  • problems with the digestive system that prevent the entry of valuable components from food,
  • long-term use of oral hormonal contraceptives.

Understand that the body suffers from a lack of vitamin B9, it is possible on the basis of:

  • unreasonable irritability,
  • constant fatigue
  • digestive disorders,
  • poor appetite
  • memory impairment
  • depression.

Traditionally, folic acid should be taken with or immediately after a meal, once or twice a day. A healthy man and woman, who lead an active lifestyle and eat right, need only 1 to 2 mg of the substance in its pure form. These are 1 to 2 tablets. If you have health problems or have already come pregnancy, the volume can be increased to 4 - 8 mg per day.

An indication to increase the dosage during the planning of the baby will also serve as a situation where the parents already have a child who was born with the pathology of the brain or spinal cord. In addition, and defects in enzyme systems, in which there is a reduced absorption of vitamin from food. These conditions are determined by the genetic passport of a woman.

The period of consumption of folic acid is determined by a specialist in person consultation. Usually, men who are not experiencing signs of vitamin deficiency can complete the intake immediately, as soon as the wife’s pregnancy test shows two strips.

In women, the situation is different. The fact is that vitamin B9 is very necessary during pregnancy, especially in the first three months for the full formation of the nervous tissue of the baby. Therefore, to follow the male example and immediately stop drinking it after confirming conception is not worth it. However, you need to adjust the dosage. Perhaps, for this purpose, the doctor will advise you to change the drug, which includes vitamin, or its form.

See the video on the importance of folic acid when planning pregnancy:

What products contain the substance

Folic acid is not synthesized in the body alone. Therefore, nature has provided that it can be obtained with food. During pregnancy and during the planning period, it is useful for future parents to include provisions rich in this substance in their diet. Their list is quite diverse:

  • Asparagus, spinach and other leafy greens,
  • beef and cod liver,
  • walnut kernels and hazelnuts,
  • whole grain cereals,
  • ceps (with caution when carrying),
  • cottage cheese and young cheese,
  • Brussels sprouts and other types of cabbage
  • sea ​​fish,
  • pumpkin, pepper and eggplants,
  • beans,
  • citrus.

Like most vitamins, folic acid is destroyed during heat treatment. Therefore, the products in which it is included, it is better to use fresh. This applies only to greens, vegetables and fruits. Offal, fish and cereals can be steamed or baked, avoiding prolonged cooking or stewing.

Side effects and contraindications

As a rule, folic acid is well tolerated and does not accumulate in the body. Therefore, it is possible to eat the foods in which it is included, without fear. However, with a significant excess of the dosages of vitamin B9 in the preparations side effects may occur. They occur infrequently, but cause a lot of problems.

The following states can speak about folic acid overdose if they appeared while taking the medication:

  • digestive disorders,
  • nausea and diarrhea,
  • excessive irritability,
  • sleep disturbances
  • convulsive syndrome.

In addition, with prolonged use of vitamin B9 in permissible large doses, the following phenomena can occur:

  • allergy - urticaria or breathing problems (even if the drug was well tolerated at the beginning),
  • vitamin B12 deficiency,
  • kidney problems.

A strict ban on the use of vitamin B9 is:

  • individual intolerance,
  • problems with the absorption of cyanocolabomine (vitamin B12),
  • genetic disorders associated with iron metabolism.

It is also worth avoiding the simultaneous use of folic acid and drugs such groups:

  • analgesics,
  • hormones
  • antibiotics
  • anticancer,
  • anticonvulsants.

In other cases, more harm to the body of the child or their parents will bring a lack of this substance.

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The onset of pregnancy with folic acid intake by both parents will prevent some of the potentially dangerous pathologies. Useful vitamin protects the future baby from many problems that are associated with the improper formation of its structures. However, to treat this substance as a panacea is not worth it. His admission will not relieve infertility, as well as other diseases of the reproductive sphere, if the prospective parents do not undergo specific therapy.

How to take when planning a pregnancy. The drug has a balanced composition, so it can be discharged not only. In Feimbion is not just folic acid, but also its metafolin, its derivative.

Planning a pregnancy. Folk methods for conception. All about infertility. Before pregnancy. . Folic acid during pregnancy. Future moms start to take care of their baby even before his birth.

So do you need vitamins when planning pregnancy. The only undisputed vitamin for the reception, regardless of place of residence, age and nutrition is vitamin B9. It is also known as folic acid.

What is folic acid and why is it needed by the fetus?

Before you figure out why drinking folic acid (FC) before pregnancy, let's figure out what constitutes this element. So, this is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to group B. It is partially produced by the body, which is quite enough in normal life. It is also possible the ingress of FC in the body with some products.

Vitamin B9 deficiency is best compensated by synthetic drugs. As a rule, FC is prescribed before pregnancy and during it.

Why drink folic acid?

  • creates in the woman's body more favorable conditions for conception,
  • helps to strengthen the health of the unborn child,
  • improves memory
  • slows down the aging process
  • contributes to the rational and full development of the fetus,
  • smoothes the symptoms during menopause,
  • relieves irritability,
  • prevents the formation of blood clots
  • eliminates signs of anemia,
  • normalizes the state of the nervous system,
  • contributes to the full development of the neural tube of the fetus, which in turn reduces the likelihood of miscarriages or having a child with developmental pathologies.

As you can see, this component plays an important role, both in the work of the body of an adult, and contributes to the normal course of the process of pregnancy, positively influencing the development of the fetus.

How does B9 work?

Why is FC taken to drink before planning a pregnancy? Despite the fact that the preparations based on this component are low in price, it is indispensable for the female body, taking an active part in the work of all systems. Vitamin has the following properties:

  • participates in the process of cell division - promotes skin regeneration, growth and development of the fetus,
  • takes part in the process of blood formation,
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels.

Why do they say that folic acid helps to get pregnant and contributes to the full development of the body of the unborn child:

  • is involved in the process of DNA formation - provides better transfer of genes,
  • normalizes carbohydrate and fat metabolism,
  • strengthens the immunity of both the future mom and the fetus,
  • participates in the synthesis of amino acids at the cellular level,
  • helps the gland to digest the body,
  • helps to restore muscle tissue and their formation.

Important! 7 women out of 10 suffer from folate deficiency in their fertile age. The deficiency of this component can negatively affect both the general state of the organism, and the reproductive function in particular.

According to statistics, a woman who suffers from a deficiency of this substance is much less likely to get pregnant and bear a child than that in which the body has vitamin B9 in abundance. In addition, folate deficiency is extremely bad for the ovaries and the development of reproductively healthy eggs.

Why do we miss FC?

As mentioned earlier, folates are produced by the human body in sufficient quantity necessary for their full participation in the process of vital activity. But, apart from cases of pregnancy, sometimes there are situations when the body requires much more vitamin B9.

Disregarding the fact that folacin is prescribed before pregnancy and at its first trimester, it is necessary to drink it also for those whose body needs this component. Moreover, it is equally bad to have a deficiency of this vitamin, as well as an overabundance.

Read on when and how to start drinking B9 for women in preparation for pregnancy.

What products contain FC?

So, we already found out that folic is very useful for the body. It is prescribed both when planning the conception of a child, and in case of a deficit. As mentioned earlier, a small amount of vitamin B9 is produced by the body, and it can also be obtained from certain products. True, with a deficiency of this substance, it is unlikely to fully restore its rate by consuming these same products. But to maintain a normal level of folate - this, please.

What foods contain folic acid:

  • beef,
  • chicken offal
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • red fish
  • leek,
  • buckwheat and barley groats,
  • ramson
  • beets, carrots, cucumber,
  • broccoli,
  • melon, banana, mushrooms,
  • green leaf,
  • peas, beans,
  • black currant leaves, raspberries,
  • orange, mandarin,
  • leaves of mint, birch, nettle, yarrow,
  • leaf lettuce, parsley, dill,
  • cabbage,
  • horseradish,
  • peaches
  • pumpkin,
  • dog rose

Most vitamin B9 is present in spinach, liver, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and black beans.

Attention! Heat treatment destroys up to 90% of folacins contained in raw food.

Does folic acid help get pregnant?

Why do we need vitamin B9, we have already figured out. Now let's talk about whether folic acid really helps to get pregnant.

Immediately I would like to clarify that pregnancy does not occur precisely because of the reception of this component. However, the fact that shortly after the start of FC administration, many married couples became happy parents, is confirmed by statistics.

The whole secret is that when planning a desired pregnancy, a woman reads a lot of attention to her health: she goes through a lot of examinations, takes vitamin complexes, which actually include folacins, controls the quality of consumed foods, etc.

Often, during pregnancy and preparation for it, a man becomes a “victim” of all recreational activities and procedures. He also has to watch his way of life, eat only the right and healthy food, and also give up bad habits.

According to statistics, every third man is forced to quit smoking when his second half is preparing to become a mother or is already in an “interesting” position.

By the end, if both partners do not have serious health problems and chronic diseases, then a long-awaited pregnancy occurs. Of course, in this case, it can be argued that folacin played an important role in this process. But in fact, his reception is not the only factor in the event.

Read on to learn how to use vitamin B9 to create the most appropriate conditions for carrying a fetus.


Now you know that when planning a desired pregnancy, you need to take care of the proper state of your health and folic acid will “help” create the most favorable conditions for conceiving and developing the future fetus.

It is important to understand that not only the deficiency of this vitamin is dangerous, but also its surplus. Therefore, once again we repeat, it is not necessary to experiment with the dosages of vitamin B9 - only the doctor will be able to prescribe the appropriate rate for admission.

What do you think about the effectiveness of this drug?