Is it possible to do shugaring during menstruation: the consequences of the procedure


The modern rhythm of life dictates its own rules to women. Lack of free time for personal affairs pushes us into painful aesthetic manipulations at an inconvenient time for this. Is it dangerous? Is there a real threat to the health of women in this already not an easy period?

shugaring during menstruation. do or not do

The best time for hair removal

It is considered that the most favorable period for epilation is the first half (starting approximately from 6-7 days) and the middle of the menstrual cycle.

During this period, the sensitivity of pain receptors is not so high compared with the second half of the cycle. This is due to the growth of the endometrium in the uterus and hormones responsible for this: estrogen and progesterone. Therefore, if you intend to do hair removal for the first time, it is better to take into account the day of the cycle when choosing the procedure time.

Shugaring during menstruation:

I suppose that most of those who are reading this article now are not so much interested in whether you can do shugaring during and before your menstruation, but how many consequences can you expect.

Critical days are not a direct contraindication to the procedure, but you need to remember that you are not insured against several unpleasant moments:

  • slight swelling after epilation may last longer than usual. This is due to a decrease in platelet count during this period,
  • during menstruation, not only pain increases, but also bleeding, which means there is a possibility of the formation of small hematomas,
  • in the second phase of the cycle, the sensitivity of melanocytes increases, so there is a risk of receiving post-traumatic pigmentation.

If you decide to shugaring a bikini area during your period: be especially careful about hygiene and disinfection after the procedure. Avoid high physical exertion associated with increased sweating, treat the area after epilation with miramistinom / chlohexidine 2-3 times a day, immediately after epilation it is better to change into clean underwear. These simple precautions will help you avoid folliculitis and severe skin irritation or significantly reduce their manifestations.

What is shugaring

Shugaring is a Persian epilation, during which hair removal is performed using a mixture of caramel paste. The main advantages of the procedure without an epilator:

  • work with short hairs,
  • lack of chemical components
  • gradual reduction of pain (after 2–3 sessions).

Unlike photoepilation or laser exposure to the skin, shugaring does not give a permanent effect, but has fewer contraindications. But before the wax, the sugar mixture has a clear advantage - it is a deeper penetration, including the mouth of the hair follicles. Therefore, epilation with the help of caramel allows you to hook hairs from 2-3 mm in length.

Many masters advise their clients to make shugaring before menstruation or after the completion of bleeding. Such a decision is justified not only by increased pain, but also by other consequences.

Cons shugaring during menstruation

During the menstrual period, a hormonal jump occurs in the female body. These changes cause the following:

  1. Pain. During menstruation there is a strong irritation of pain receptors. Because of this, any effect on the skin is worse tolerated, and even possible painful shock. Perhaps the use of painkillers for menstruation, but it is not advisable if the procedure can be transferred.
  2. Skin sensitization. The working surface becomes more susceptible. Therefore, the risk of irritation, damage and slow healing of the skin increases.
  3. The strengthened work of sebaceous glands. Epidermis is fatter, it does not exclude acne. The master degreases the working area in advance, but this may not be enough.
  4. Infection. Increased temperature, poor blood clotting create favorable conditions for bacteria. As a result, infection and inflammatory processes are not excluded.

In addition, the reason for postponing depilation and other procedures is the following:

  • unstable psycho-emotional state,
  • risk of edema,
  • hematoma formation
  • the likelihood of pigmentation,
  • deterioration of well-being during and after epilation.

Important! The risk of the above hazards is maximum during the first procedure. With each new epilation, the body gets used, the pain is less due to structural changes in the hairs.

At home, epilation with sugar during critical days should not be carried out. Because only in the salon the master will be able to avoid negative consequences, as well as properly treat the skin.

This rule applies to other procedures for transformation. Follow the link to find out whether it is possible to dye the hair during menstruation and which one to wait for the result upon completion.

Contraindications to the procedure

Asking whether you can do hair removal during menstruation, women forget about the main contraindications. It is better to abandon the procedure for the following problems:

  • poor blood clotting,
  • diabetes,
  • inflammation of the venous walls in the area of ​​the legs, bikini,
  • skin diseases
  • the presence of damage to the epidermis.

Many of these diseases and disorders increase during the course of menstruation. Therefore, the beginning of the cycle can not be called the best period for shugaring.

Speaking about the conduct of salon procedures on critical days associated with the scalp, one cannot help but wonder whether it is possible to increase eyelashes during menstruation. Information on this topic can be found in the article on the link.


If a specialist advised to postpone a shugaring, then for hair removal is suitable:

But it is important to think in advance about protection from irritation and infection. Therefore, it is necessary after any session in the cabin to exclude aggressive means of intimate hygiene, and also to provide:

  • clean skin
  • underwear made from natural materials
  • pads without odor.

Tips from the masters

When is it best to do epilation: after menstruation or before the onset of bleeding? Many masters advise their clients to postpone any procedures with the skin until the completion of menstruation. At this time, the procedure will not only be less painful. There is also an opportunity to reduce all negative consequences to a minimum.

The same applies to applying tattoo. To beat the tattoo during menstruation is not recommended. Learn about the reasons for this restriction in one of our articles.

And also the first week after bleeding is favorable because the intensity of hair growth decreases. Therefore, shugaring or other mechanical effects on the skin will be the least painful and unpleasant.

Depilation of intimate areas during menstruation

It should be taken into account when deciding when it is better to make a bikini shugaring that before or after menstruation the skin has a different state. And even if a woman has a high pain threshold, irritation or even loss of consciousness during critical days cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, whenever possible, visiting the salon is better to postpone. When it is urgently necessary to remove hair from the intimate zone, it is necessary to make sure that the master agrees with the procedure. It is foolish to hide from the specialist the presence of blood discharge.

If the answer is positive, the woman is:

  • process the depilation zone thoroughly before the procedure is still at home,
  • take two pairs of changeable underwear (mark before and after the procedure),
  • insert tampon
  • take anesthetic drug in advance.

You should ask the master to ensure the protection of the skin before epilation and after it. An experienced specialist knows that it is not enough just to get rid of hairs, where it is more important to treat the epidermis with safe antibacterial and sedatives.

Find out in the article at the link whether it is worth cutting during the menstruation or it is better to postpone the transformation.

Laser hair removal and monthly

No fewer questions arise about whether laser hair removal can be done during menstruation. The procedure is painless in contrast to the electric epilator, but not completely safe for the health of the woman.

The risk of getting irritation of the epidermis is preserved, and the result does not appear immediately. Therefore, there are good reasons to postpone the session to complete bleeding.

It is necessary to understand that negative consequences occur extremely rarely, but it is still better to protect health, which already suffers on menstruation days.

The content of the article is only a recommendation. Any female body is individual. And if some girls can afford hair removal during menstruation, others should wait until the end of menstruation. This is especially true for women with low pain threshold and oily skin prone to irritation.

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website

Brrr. Is it difficult to enroll in a week?

It’s better to sign up for another day, I don’t think that you and the master will be pleased and hygienic?

I'm going on vacation afterwards

I would before the exit straight stuffed a tampon together with a thread so that it was not noticeable and went
but where to go if you move because of vacation is not possible

during your period you will be hurt more than usual.

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during your period you will be hurt more than usual.

With a swab you can, do not worry, Author. What are the hens again rattled? Normally this, I asked the master with a specialist (I was on friendly terms with her). She has a record for 3 weeks, how can you tell when you have these days there? Not all cycles are constant.
But it will hurt you, yes.

Normally, just push the thread inside.

and in what salon have registered? Moscow? I can’t choose where to go for a shugaring. also on vacation soon. heeeelp

And my master told me that they do not advise doing bikini for a week and a week after menstruation. I do not know why, but she told me how one client signed up for her, and her period did not come on time and eventually did it right, and that was okay.

oh, during menstruation to the pain sensitivity increases. do not do it, and there is nothing pleasant if you put a master on the table,

Girls! Shugaring a bikini is certainly great, cool and beautiful, but during menstruation I would not advise doing it anyway, since it is even unhygienic or uncomfortable.

Does a bikini shugaring take a long time?

NOT! Bikini sugaring is VERY QUICKLY. Depilation deep bikini takes only 15 to 30 minutes.

aaaaa, go nuts. class))) tomorrow I will run away, even after work I’ll be in time before my husband arrives,)))

the master is also a woman and understands all the nuances! pain is another matter, I go in the same position tomorrow, and what to do at sea 24)

and in what salon have registered? Moscow? I can’t choose where to go for a shugaring. also on vacation soon. heeeelp

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I have long wanted to get an Elos epilator when I watched Tanda me touch in December. I want to order from this site from them the most normal price is 23,500 rubles and it is convenient for me to pay through Pay. Write who already uses it how painless is it?

it all depends on you, master, salon) but I would not do that if I were you, and I would go in advance. so it will be better for you and the master. I go to a good cabin on an aircraft engine.

Here I advise the master gold pens name is Anna! Works on Vernadsky Avenue. 985 465 0889

The best painless time for depilating a bikini is the last day or immediately after the menstrual period, but in no case before. This was advised by my master on my first visit. By the way, I found her somewhere in the wilds of the forum. I have never regretted and I can safely recommend it to those who are in Moscow
Natalia 8 926 608 83 99

Yes, after the critical days, that's it. just as they go, hairs can be grown to the desired length, very convenient)))

My friend went to hair removal during the months, the first day just. she went with a tampon. there, the master was still good) understanding)) I don’t remember how the masters call, but I remember that in the studio sweet epil.

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Changes in the body

Why did the question of “sugar depilation” generally arise during menstruation? During this period, the female body undergoes certain changes that affect everyday life.

In most cases, critical days violate the emotional state of a woman, and also worsen her state of health. Often there is a decrease in blood pressure and weakness due to blood loss.

Worsening of blood clotting, oily skin and changes in hormone levels accompany menstruation. Pain sensations are enhanced due to the fact that the pain threshold is reduced. Often, aching pain in the abdomen and lower back.

Knowing all these points will help to understand whether it is possible to do depilation during menstruation.

Can or Cannot

If you take the most ordinary girl in the period of menstruation, then no gynecologist will forbid her to do shugaring. There are enough women whose well-being and feelings almost do not change at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, therefore they practically do not correct the way of life for this period. Since we are not talking about a disease, there can be no direct prohibitions against shugaring during menstruation.

Each girl should decide for herself whether she is allowed to do depilation on critical days. And you need to take into account the features of your own body. If the monthly pass painlessly, you can perform the intended procedure. Otherwise, you need to do at your own risk. Maybe it makes sense to wait 5 days, so as not to expose your body to additional stress.

If depilation is an integral part of life and is performed continuously, then it makes sense to record your feelings on different days of the cycle. You can record how much the patient was uncomfortable and the procedure on a 10-point scale. In about a year, there will be own statistics at hand, from which it will become clear for which days of monthly shugaring causes the least trouble.

In the beauty salon they usually say that the procedure can be performed, but experts recommend not using vegetation removal with the help of shugaring in favor of shaving machines. The fact is that no one but the woman herself knows how much her pain threshold changes on critical days.

Possible consequences

Despite the fact that you can do shugaring during menstruation, you need to know about the negative consequences.

  1. The appearance of edema in the area of ​​the skin where the “sugar depilation” was performed. The danger is that due to the critical days, the edema decreases much more slowly than usual.
  2. The appearance of age spots and bruises on the treated area of ​​the skin. The problem arises due to poor blood clotting and most often manifests itself in the bikini area.
  3. The occurrence of inflammatory processes due to increased oily skin.
  4. Severe pain lasts longer than usual due to increased receptor sensitivity.

Some of the listed manifestations may occur, as well as several at the same time. However, this is not necessary, because shugaring may well pass without negative consequences.

Shugaring deep bikini during menstruation should be done with extreme caution, because this zone is most sensitive. It is better to first check the reaction of the body in other parts of the body, and understand what negative effects occur in your particular case.

How to prepare yourself

Having clearly defined the need for shugaring at the beginning of the cycle, it is necessary to properly prepare. You must perform the following steps before the procedure:

  • we exclude all physical activities on the day of shugaring,
  • soft peeling of the areas where the depilation will be performed,
  • antiseptic before the procedure will help avoid possible inflammatory processes,
  • on the day of the procedure avoid overheating.

It is not enough to perform certain preparatory actions so that the depilation during the menstruation is successful. Something else needs to be done after the procedure itself.

  1. The skin is calmed with talcum powder, which also reduces the risk of inflammatory processes.
  2. Moisturizers are used 30 minutes after the completion of the shugaring procedure.
  3. The skin is treated with an antiseptic thrice a day of the procedure.

Be sure to warn about the monthly master in the cabin, and this is done in advance.

Preparation consists not only in certain actions for skin care, but also in a properly selected time for shugaring. If possible, you should not do the depilation with sugar paste in the first three days of the cycle. At this time, the woman's body is most sensitive and vulnerable. The following days are less painful.

It may make sense to shugaring before or after your period. If you do the procedure for 1-2 days before the onset of menstruation, then for pain and possible consequences it will be the same as doing it in the first three days of the cycle. It is advisable to transfer shugaring to a later time, and make it 1-2 days after the end of menstruation.

Home or salon

There is a category of girls who attend only beauty salons, but there are also those who prefer to make shugaring paste on their own and perform all the procedures at home. Each vision has the right to life, but we are more interested in the situation to do in the period of menstruation.

Visiting the salon during this period, you need to consult with the master, and tell him about your condition. Some girls are too shy to talk about these topics. If the salon is far away, and the state is not very, then very few people with menstruation will want to spend energy on the road.

Hygiene is also important. On critical days, just before the procedure, you will need to put on clean panties.

Home furnishings are more comfortable and simple, but you have to do everything yourself, and not rely on the help of a professional. Therefore, there is no unequivocal answer to the question of whether to shugaring during menstruation in the salon or at home. Everything is too individual in this matter.

Possible alternatives

Intense pain and possible negative feelings repel shugaring on critical days. Therefore, less painful alternatives should be considered.

Special depilatory creams are a good option for getting rid of hair. You can also use standard shaving razors. The effect of both methods is short-lived, but this is not important, because you just need to wait out the monthly.

Laser hair removal and photo epilation have a more lasting effect and are not as painful as shugaring. However, the quick effect of the procedure, these do not carry, so do them in menstruation makes no sense.

Bladder problems cause significant discomfort. Cystitis before menstruation is pretty frequent. The aggravation of the problem is due to changes [...]

When various problems arise in the body, it signals this with the help of pain signals. Pain in the anus during menstruation [...]

In the female body and so enough problems during menstruation, so more inflammatory processes are periodically exacerbated. Of particular concern is cystitis [...]

By themselves, yellow discharge after menstruation is little to say. They could appear as a result of pathology, and according to [...]

Can I do hair removal during menstruation?

The feasibility of getting rid of excess vegetation with an epilator during menstruation is very individual. If the girl does not suffer from severe pain in the lower abdomen and has scant spotting, there will be no problem with the procedure. But painful, heavy menstruation is a contraindication to depilation.

Another factor is the type of procedure. Some methods of hair removal are virtually painless, so a woman’s deterioration after them is unlikely. Others are accompanied by significant pain.

It also matters which part of the body is exposed. Depilation of the bikini area during menstruation is not recommended.

Is it possible to shugaring during menstruation

Menstruation is not a direct contraindication to hair removal with the help of shugaring. You can do the procedure on critical days. But this technique itself is quite painful, and in “these days” a woman is emotionally unstable. Therefore, shugaring a bikini area during menstruation will cause even more unpleasant sensations.

If a qualified specialist works in the cabin, he himself will determine the expediency of the procedure, assessing the state of health of the girl.

The best period for shugaring is considered the first phase of the ovarian cycle, that is, 4-5 days after the end of bleeding. Shugaring is most painful on critical days, as well as a few days before and after them.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal during menstruation

The essence of laser depilation lies in the point of destruction of the root structure without additional impact on the adjacent tissues. It brings less discomfort than other ways to eliminate excess vegetation. But the pain threshold of a woman on critical days is reduced, and therefore the removal of vegetation can be painful.

Most often, the procedure is done by a course, with a certain interval. Therefore, it is best to plan it after the end of the bleeding. By analogy with shugaring, laser epilation is the most painful on critical days and 4-5 days before them, when an active hormonal rearrangement of the body occurs.

Is it possible to do electrolysis during menstruation?

Electrolysis is a highly effective means to eliminate excess vegetation. For several sessions, you can get rid of hair for a long time.

But the severe pain and duration of the procedure, limit its use during menstruation. Especially do not recommend electric hair removal bikini during menstruation. The master works with tweezers or a needle directly on the skin. The high sensitivity of the intimate zone during the menstrual period contributes to skin irritation, the accession of infection.

Is it possible to make a deep bikini during menstruation

Hair removal in the intimate area is an unpleasant procedure. And the most unfavorable epilation of deep bikini during menstruation.

In addition to discomfort, it can lead to inflammation of the genital organs and structures of the urinary system. A woman's body on critical days is especially susceptible to viruses and bacteria. And the additional mechanical effect in the form of a shugaring deep bikini during menstruation is a risk factor for infection. A tampon or menstrual cup does not guarantee the protection of internal organs.

Can I perform the procedure?

Regardless of the time of year and days of the week, girls want to look well-groomed 24 hours a day. Depilation procedure is a part of body care. Therefore, many girls are interested in whether it is possible to do shugaring during menstruation, and what are the consequences after the procedure.

Menstruation can not be called a contraindication for the removal of vegetation, but the implementation of shugaring these days may be accompanied by the following unpleasant moments:

  • slight puffiness of the treated skin area. Although edemas may appear on ordinary days, but on critical days they pass more slowly,
  • there is a possibility of hematomas, because the procedure takes place with increased pain,
  • after depilation, pigmentation of the treated skin is possible,
  • possible mood swings and nervous breakdowns,
  • general well-being may deteriorate.

To sugaring during the month passed without consequences, try to perform the following actions:

  1. before the procedure, eliminate any physical activity,
  2. after shugaring, treat the skin Chlorhexidine (3 times a day),
  3. after the vegetation removal procedure, be sure to wear clean clothes.

These simple guidelines will help to avoid undesirable effects after cosmetic manipulation, such as ingrown hairs, redness or irritation.

Choose the right time

The procedure for removal of vegetation on the body with the help of sugar paste can be performed in the salon, or independently. Signing up for a session of depilation, the girls are interested in whether it is possible to do shunaring during menstruation. The answer is often positive, but it is advisable to choose the right time for the session, which falls in the middle of the cycle or its first half.

When critical days enter the second phase of the cycle, the sensitivity of the skin is enhanced, and shugaring can deliver not very pleasant sensations.

Specialists look at the problem

Some masters, when answering the question about shugaring during menstruation and whether it is possible to carry out the procedure, are advised to turn to another method of removing vegetation. For example, you can use a razor. This option will not bring painful sensations when shugaring during critical days.

Getting rid of the vegetation in intimate places during menstruation with the help of sugar paste can cause severe pain. The female body at this time is characterized by increased susceptibility to any cosmetic manipulations. Moreover, for many women this period may be accompanied by an increase in body temperature, abundant blood secretions. During any mechanical interventions, bacteria can get on the top layer of the skin.

Do shugaring during menstruation in the salons? Of course, but it is recommended to sign up for the procedure after the thirteenth day of the cycle. On the treated skin area after the procedure, the hairs will grow more slowly.

During menstruation, you can make a shugaring, but you need to take a session with a special approach. Use the following guidelines:

  • if you decide to hold a session in the conditions of the salon, then be sure to warn the master of his condition. Not all experts agree to carry out cosmetic manipulations during such days,
  • with the consent of the master, with particular care, prepare for the session. Ensure a comfortable state for yourself and the master
  • do not forget to introduce a hygienic tampon during the procedure,
  • You can take anesthetic beforehand.

Many experts still believe that during menstruation, it is better to refrain from professional shugaring. The only exception is an urgent need.

Salon or home furnishings?

Depilation can be performed in the salon or independently, while at home. What is the best option for critical days? To perform the session yourself, you can pre-watch the video, or study the process in detail by reading the recommendations of the masters.

But, in order to eliminate undesirable consequences after the procedure of depilation, especially on critical days, it is better to contact the master.

Possible negative consequences

Similar procedures for hair removal are considered traumatic for the skin and are transferred differently, and during menstruation many women feel worse and become more sensitive to pain, but there is no categorical ban on the procedure on critical days. Therefore, if there is an urgent need for hair removal, then it can be done, but taking into account some features of the state of the body during this period.

In the days of menstruation, in most cases, women experience a change in the state of the body and the level of hormones, which not only leads to unpleasant painful sensations, but also emotional differences, rapid physical fatigue, etc. And when it is necessary to perform depilation, but they go monthly, ready for possible unpleasant consequences, such as:

  1. Prolonged redness (pigmentation) of the treated skin area.
  2. Puffiness after the manipulation takes place longer than usual days.
  3. Bruises and hematomas are likely to occur due to the reduced blood clotting and its abundant tide to the tissues, in most cases this manifestation is observed in the bikini area.
  4. Perhaps the development of inflammatory processes on the skin. This may be due to many factors, including hormonal abnormalities that lead to changes in the skin: it becomes more oily. Irritation of the skin can cause discomfort for a long time, so special attention should be paid to preparing the body for the procedure.

Features of the procedure on critical days

Since this procedure during the period of critical days requires more attention, experts believe that it is better to do it in the cabin, because the master will cope with this task faster.

Before making shugaring, it is necessary to prepare the body for these manipulations in order to prevent the occurrence of possible negative effects, which are inflammatory processes on the skin:

  1. On the part of the body where hair removal is supposed, you need to make a soft peeling and treat the skin with an antiseptic. This will minimize the likelihood of inflammation, which may cause keratinized skin particles.
  2. Before depilation, it is imperative to carry out hygienic procedures, and if it is carried out in the salon, then it is imperative to use a tampon, and not a sanitary pad.
  3. After manipulation, it is recommended to apply talc on the treated area of ​​skin to reduce the active work of the sweat glands.
  4. After 30 minutes you can apply a moisturizer, and during washing it is better to use cleansers with a neutral pH.
  5. During the day and on the day of the manipulations you should not overheat and play sports.
  6. After shugaring is not recommended to visit the solarium, sauna and swimming pool for a day.

If hair removal should be carried out in the bikini area, then it is imperative to warn the master that the procedure coincides with the menstruation. Note that not all masters agree to carry out these manipulations on these days. Regardless of the type of bikini.

The influence of the menstrual cycle

When sugar depilation in the bikini area during menstruation, it is important to more carefully observe the hygiene of the genital organs, and also to change the hygienic tampon and underwear before the procedure, even if the shugaring is done at home.

It is also worth noting that a deep bikini (beach) should not be done in the first days of menstruation, it is better to postpone cosmetic manipulations for 3-4 days or use alternative, less traumatic methods of getting rid of unwanted hair, for example, use a depilatory cream.

Important! Experts do not recommend sugar depilation during the first 3 days of menstruation, because during this period of excretion, as a rule, they are more abundant, they feel noticeably worse, and the pain threshold becomes low, that is, the pain is felt more strongly. Of course, there are exceptions, but in most cases these manifestations are still present.

To reduce painful sensations, you can drink an anesthetic medication or use special anesthesia ointment before you go for a shugaring. It is also believed that the pain is less felt on the last day or immediately after the menstrual period, so if you have no strength to endure the pain, you can, if possible, transfer these cosmetic measures for a while.

Thus, sugar depilation is not contraindicated in the period of critical days. But in order not to experience additional discomfort, experts recommend keeping a calendar of the menstrual cycle in order to choose more suitable days for this. It is considered to be better to choose the first half or middle of the cycle.

What is sugar hair removal?

Getting rid of excess hair from the skin was taken in ancient times. And if earlier women were struggling with sweating in this way, now epilation is more of an aesthetic nature and is a necessary need.

The most ancient and proven way to remove excess hair is the use of a sugar mixture. In professional salons, this method is referred to as shugaring and for it use several types of ingredients. In most cases, this is the usual sugar, honey, wax and plant extracts.

The benefits of shugaring are pretty obvious:

  • Suitable for use on the skin of any degree of sensitivity. In the mixture for shugaring you will not find artificial dyes, synthetic substances, allergens that can cause an allergic reaction. After shugaring skin does not even blush,
  • Low probability of thermal burns in comparison with hot waxing. Sugar mixture for hair removal has a room temperature, so it will not be able to provoke a burn,
  • The low price of the mixture, because it can be prepared at home, without resorting to salon services,
  • Efficiency of the mixture, because it can be used repeatedly,
  • After epilation, you just need to treat the skin with warm water,
  • Lack of hair ingrowth, as shugaring is held along the line of their growth.

The advantages of shugaring lie in the fact that this procedure can be done for women with varicose veins, because the mixture does not heat up on the body, but cools.

After shugaring, there is no redness, inflammation and small pimples, as sugar blocks the development and growth of harmful microorganisms.

How to make hair removal sugar?

Shugaring can be done at home. The main thing is to follow some important rules. The first thing you need is to make skin peeling with an ordinary scrub from a store or a very tough washcloth. Шугаринг проводится на очищенной от грязи, пота, макияжа коже.

Также не стоит наносить предварительно на кожный покров различные увлажняющие лосьоны. Единственное, что советуют специалисты – нанести на кожу тальк, детскую присыпку или же пудру (на выбор). Это будет способствовать лучшему контакту волосков и сахарной пасты.

The essence of shugaring is to roll a warm sugar ball over the skin and then tear it off along the hairline. Sugar and honey paste can be used repeatedly during a single hair removal procedure. Reviews of girls who constantly make shugaring say that the hair on the body should be no more than 5 mm.

Procedure technique

Hair removal by shugaring can be done in several ways. For example, in salons, pastes of various consistencies are used depending on the skin area to be epilated. Sugar-honey mixture can be:

  • Very soft for removing hair on hands, belly and legs,
  • Medium consistency to remove excess facial hair,
  • Dense consistency or universal - for epilation of the bikini area, as well as the upper lip,
  • Thick paste for removing hair under the arms and in the bikini area.

If we talk about the technique of hair removal, then in classic shugaring you can use sugar paste of absolutely any consistency. Directly hair removal is carried out in a manual way, that is, by hand. When using the bandage technique, the paste is applied to the skin with a spatula, and special strips are fixed on top.

This hair removal technique is used to remove hair in intimate places. If a person suffers from excessive sweating, then in this case, epilation should be done at elevated air temperatures. In this case, the time of each application will be about 2 minutes.

The advantages of shugaring over other types of hair removal are quite obvious. You save your time, money, and most importantly - the procedure is almost painless, and the effect of smooth skin lasts more than 3 weeks. The cost of this procedure in the cabin of the middle class is from $ 25. At home, you only have to spend money on sugar, citric acid and honey.

Epilation and pregnancy

Shugaring has no contraindications for use in healthy women. It is forbidden to do epilation with a sugar mixture in such conditions as:

  • Inflammation of the skin,
  • Psoriasis and other dermatological diseases,
  • Disorders of the endocrine system in the form of diabetes mellitus, thyroid goiter and hypothyroidism,
  • Chronic inflammatory processes,
  • Disorders of the central nervous system,
  • A large number of moles, warts and age spots on the body,
  • During breastfeeding (lactation period).

Shugaring during pregnancy is possible. But the disadvantages of such a procedure are that it will have to be carried out quite often. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy, the woman is rapidly increasing the level of the hormone progesterone. This is a female hormone that directly affects the growth of body hair. During pregnancy, laser hair removal is prohibited, but shugaring has no contraindications from doctors.

The advantages of sugar hair removal in this case are that progesterone increases the sensitivity of the woman.

And even the usual hair removal with a razor gives a lot of inconvenience, which cannot be said about the use of sugar-honey mixture. After shugaring, it is allowed to sunbathe, bathe, make tattoos and lead a full-fledged normal life.

Critical days and shugaring

Can I do hair removal during menstruation? This is the question that every girl who wants to take care of her health wants to answer. It is advisable not to perform epilation during this period. In this case, we are talking exclusively about the bikini zone. This can be explained by the fact that after hair removal in intimate places, a woman almost always gets irritated. After careless hair removal can also be hematomas.

If you are going to do hair removal during menstruation in the salon, you must first check with the master if they will work with you under such conditions. After all, neither you nor the master will be comfortable during intimate days to remove hair in intimate places.

Gynecologists categorically opposed to a woman during the period of menstrual bleeding and a few days after it did hair removal. This is due to the fact that the body temperature at this time is increased, and even from the uterus blood is continuously released. It creates an extremely favorable soil for the reproduction of bacteria and the formation of inflammatory processes. So, hair removal is recommended only after menstruation.

If you urgently need to remove excess hair in an intimate place, then consider all the above mentioned disadvantages of epilation and be sure to disinfect the bikini area. After the procedure, apply talc to the skin to close the pores. And after 30 minutes, apply a moisturizer. All bleeding places, cuts will need to be treated with alcohol and iodine.

When to do shugaring: before and after menstruation

Hormonal changes in the body of a woman begin 4-5 days before the onset of menstruation and continue for several days after it ends. It is best to do shugaring after menstruation, when hormonal background has normalized and the threshold of pain sensitivity has increased. The best time is one week or 10 days after menstruation. Hair removal during this period ensures its sluggish growth in the future.


The answer to the question of whether a shugaring is advisable during menstruation is strictly individual. If a girl has the opportunity to do hair removal between menstruations, it is best to do so. But if critical days began suddenly, and you need to make shugaring, you should not cancel the recording. After all, menstruation is not a contraindication to depilation!


People often ask me whether it is possible to make a deep bikini shugaring on “these” days ... After all, you can sign up for the procedure in advance, but it is not always possible to predict this very unpleasant event.
If a visit to our studio “YETI” depilation coincided with the “red day of the calendar” - you should not urgently cancel the recording. It is enough to use a tampon.

Another important fact. A few days before menstruation, as well as on the first day of the cycle, the female body is very sensitive and the procedure of shugaring on such days is most painful, unlike the 4th day of the cycle.

On the last "this" day our body is full of strength and endurance, because fully entered the new cycle and is preparing for many difficult trials (such as ovulation, conception, possible pregnancy, etc.), and the hormones that did not give life to us or our loved ones, subside and our life is beautiful again and amazing ... It was the 4th day of the cycle that was the most painless (I know what I am talking about - I checked it myself) and not only on myself.


1. If “these” days took you by surprise, arm yourself with a tampon. The master is also a girl and she will understand.
2. On the first day, the pain threshold is very low, so you can additionally drink a painkiller pill (consult your doctor).
3. The fourth day of the cycle is the most painless and you can not worry about unbearable pain. Everything will be as comfortable as possible.
4. The most important point. I am talking about cases of "mostly" ... Do not exclude the possibility of your individual characteristics. Listen to your own body and we will find the most comfortable day for depilation.

The consequences of the procedure on critical days

If a girl decides not to delay the procedure for a later period of the cycle, she should be prepared for possible consequences:

  • Areas that have undergone hair removal may remain slightly swollen for a long time. This is due to a decrease in platelet volume in a given period.
  • The pain after shugaring can also be felt longer. The problem is caused by an increase in the sensitivity of the corresponding receptors.
  • The skin may cause inflammation. After all, during this period it is made fatter because of hormonal changes, which is a provoking factor.
  • The appearance of bruises in areas that are free from excess hair is likely. The reason is a decrease in blood clotting and more active rush to the tissues. This is especially true for the bikini area.
  • You can not exclude the appearance on the skin, free from unnecessary hair, hyperpigmentation. During the period of monthly increases the sensitivity of melanocytes. Against the background of skin injury during shugaring, an excess of pigment may appear on the skin surface.

How to avoid problems

If you can not postpone the "sugar" hair removal, it is best to hold it at the beautician, and not at home. The professional will cope with the task faster (in 15 - 30 minutes), minimizing all negative moments.

Preparing for the manipulation and care for the skin after shugaring should be especially careful:

  • Before the procedure, you need to make peeling zoneson which hair will be removed. It should be soft, so as not to injure the skin, but to remove corneous particles from it, which contribute to inflammation.
  • Then should be wiped with antiseptic. This is another measure against the appearance of inflammation on it. Miramistin or Chlorhexidine is best suited. In the salons, there are also special disinfecting lotions.
  • Shugaring bikini during menstruation involves thorough hygiene of the genital organs and the use of a tampon. Lingerie before the procedure is also better to wear fresher, and not the one in which the woman came to the salon.
  • Upon completion of the manipulation skin should be treated with talcum powder. This will help to calm her down, temper the activity of the sweat glands, which can provoke inflammation. If blood drops come out in the epilation zone, they must first be treated with an antiseptic.
  • Half an hour after shugaring you can apply moisturizer to skin. Later during the hygienic procedures, do not use its drying gels, but choose pH-neutral. And after washing each time apply a moisturizer to the skin.
  • On the day of epilation try not to overheat and do not play sportsso as not to provoke sweating. It can cause inflammation. You can not also attend the next 12 hours swimming pool and solarium.

In a good cabin all the precautions when carrying out a shugaring must be taken. This is another argument in favor of a procedure with a professional. But the same conditions can be met at home.


To remove excess hair, it is not necessary to do a shugaring. There are less complex methods of hair removal and depilation, which can be used as temporary:

  • Shaving. The method requires the same precautions as shugaring, but does not cause pain.
  • Depilatory creams. This method will not only help to eliminate excess hair, but is also not accompanied by the risk of cutting.

Both methods have a short effect, but in this case it is an advantage. When the hair grows to the required 3 - 4 mm, you can return to the usual shugaring. And the procedure does not coincide with the monthly.

But the effect of them will manifest itself in a few sessions, so there is no point in rushing to do everything on critical days. And wax and hair removal with an electric device are no less painful than “sugar” epilation.

We recommend reading the article about hair removal during menstruation. From it you will learn about the complexity of the procedure during the period of critical days, useful recommendations, as well as alternative options.

Before the problem of how to make shugaring during menstruation, you should answer the question: is there an urgent need for it right now. And if it exists, it is important not to be afraid of the procedure, choose a good specialist and take all measures for successful implementation. Then the shugaring will pass quickly and without negative consequences.

However, some women with high pain threshold do not have problems shugaring, waxing and using an epilator.

Shugaring during menstruation: is it possible to do. Physiotherapy for uterine myoma: effective procedures.

Shugaring during menstruation: is it possible to do and will do.

We recommend reading an article about shugaring during menstruation. From it you will learn about the possibility of carrying out the procedure on critical days, the likely consequences.

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However, some women with high pain threshold do not have problems shugaring, waxing and using an epilator.

Shugaring during menstruation: is it possible to do. Physiotherapy for uterine myoma: effective procedures.

Shugaring during menstruation: is it possible to do and will do.

We recommend reading an article about shugaring during menstruation. From it you will learn about the possibility of carrying out the procedure on critical days, the likely consequences.