Will a conspiracy from menopause help?


Climax - a normal and inevitable change in the state of the female body. Many women are experiencing a period of hormonal adjustment is hard, looking for ways to ease the painful symptoms. Believers and women who are fond of magical rituals often choose conspiracy or menopause prayer as a cure.

Do conspiracies from menopause help?

You need to understand that menopause is a natural phenomenon, not a disease. However, few women feel normal physically and emotionally during the hormonal adjustment period.

Since ancient times, women have resorted to conspiracy during menopause, a certain modern woman practicing this specific method of returning well-being. Attitude to this method of therapy is ambiguous. If in the old days they believed that a conspiracy from menopause would definitely help to improve well-being and bring back the joy of life, now the attitude of most women towards this skeptic.

However, there are women who practice this method of treatment, they call it effective. Medical experts explain the improvement in well-being after prayer in women by self-hypnosis, in fact, a placebo effect.

Why do women believe in conspiracy effectiveness?

Women are sensitive, receptive. The state of health during menopause is so severe that patients are ready to believe in the effectiveness of any remedy for menopausal symptoms.

The sensitivity of women in the menopausal period is greatly increased, emotional and mental problems arise. There is a fear of loss of attractiveness and necessity, the appearance of terrible and incurable diseases, the approach of old age and death.

Prayer from menopause gives a good effect for women believers, inspired. Belief in the fact that this method can get rid of this scourge, can act no worse than drug therapy. Especially considering that many climacteric symptoms are not caused by physical, but mental factors.

Conspiracies that have reached our time

For words to work, you need to believe in their actions. Conspiracies are conducted without witnesses, with full concentration. The following are the most popular ways to talk climax.

  1. To delay the menopause, get rid of its symptoms, you need to make a mixture of equal sized hazel leaves, rhizomes of bovine grass and wheat grass, juniper berries, and goldenrod greens. When they make an herbal mixture, they say the following words: “There is a big mountain on the sea. A hundred-year-old grandfather sits on it, blowing away wood dust, sea foam. Do not touch the trees, do not touch the sea, blow off ... (name) rot and disease. In order not to darken in the eyes, the body did not hurt, the sweat did not flow, the hands did not weaken. Take 2 tablespoons of grass mass, pour a glass of boiling water. Means infused overnight, filtered, drunk little by little during the day. The procedure is repeated every day for 1.5 months.
  2. The spell is read on the water intended for bathing. Take a white lit candle, a pinch of salt, any aromatic oil. Oil is poured into a bath filled with water and salt is poured. It is necessary to lie down in the bath so that only the head remains above the water, to relax, to imagine how they fly out of the body in the form of spherical clots of the disease. Staying in the bath, you need to pull out the plug. When the water begins to flow slowly, say: "Illness, flow away from me to a distant pond, go to the mermaids and kikimor." After conspiracy to the liquid you need to wash in the shower.
  3. In the new moon, when the month is gone, speak from the climacter over the candles. In the evening, draw a circle on the floor with chalk. Put a red candle on the right side of the circle, white ones on the other sides. Lit up, say: “Take care ... (name), women's diseases drive away. Say do it. Amen". Then they put their photo and a piece of paper with the written name in the center of the circle, saying: “My woman’s well-being, do not leave me. With fire the pain goes away. This will come true. Amen". They take the dried stem of the grass, bring it to the fire of a red candle, they say: Burn away, ail. I will be healthy. ” Grass ash is immersed in a container filled with water. Extinguish candle fire, water is poured.

Menopause Prayer

Believers of women resort to prayer with menopause and tides. Going to church for service, a woman should take wrapped in a clean cloth:

  • acacia beans,
  • scarlet rose petals
  • elderberry inflorescence,
  • sunflower petals,
  • pumpkin seeds.

After the service, a woman should read quietly or in her thoughts these words: “Like ringing bells glorify God, so I glorify him, who gives me ... (name), deliverance from serious ailments. Amen".

At home you need for a few minutes to put a fabric with a grass blank on the stomach, then throw it away.

Conspiracy in menopause

Natalya Ivanovna Stepanova, the famous hereditary healer from Siberia, offers a strong old-fashioned plot to improve the quality of life during climax.

She considers the next conspiracy pronounced on a waning moon to be very effective. Water is poured into the glass container, placed near the window so that the water surface reflects the night light. The container is worth the night, wash the face with sunrise ritual water, drink some of this water. But preliminarily say: “My friend is a month, the stars of the matchmaker, see that there is no trouble ... (name). Stars to help you. The Virgin Mary looked at you? I looked. From female pain suffered? Did not suffer. Let me look at you, do not suffer from women's pain. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost. Amen". The spell will be effective if at night the container with water is not seen by an outsider.

For those who do not believe in conspiracies and prayers for women, official medicine offers many ways to normalize well-being. To successfully deal with menopausal symptoms, lead an active lifestyle, give up bad habits, do massage and physiotherapy procedures, fully eat, take hormonal medicines prescribed by a doctor, use folk recipes and herbal remedies.

Why do women believe that conspiracy will help

One of the signs of menopause is an unstable psychological state. A woman loses confidence in her own attractiveness, the need for their loved ones. Some often haunt thoughts of illness, death, or bouts of gratuitous irritation. All this makes you feel unwell.

No one knows a woman, does not understand her physical sensations better than herself.

What conspiracies have survived

It is important to tune in correctly, to believe in the spoken words and their healing power. Plot when menopause read by heart, you can whisper. It is better, that at the same time there were no witnesses present, you need to concentrate, put in words the desire to get rid of the indisposition. Such ways are known to speak it:

  • To make a collection of wheatgrass root, juniper fruits, hazel leaves, harrow root and goldenrod grass. Plants are harvested in equal parts, for single use take 2 tbsp. and 240 ml of boiling water. They are mixed up while they are doing this, saying the words: “On the sea-ocean, the island of Buyane lies a heavy stone. On it sits the grandfather hundred with a hook of years. It looks like dust from the forest, foam from the water, from beginning to edge, from north to south. Do not touch the dust from the forest, from the sea froth, sweep away from the servant of God (the name of the woman) the whole pendulum, ailment, thinness. To make her brighten in her head, not to burn in her body, then not to drench, not to tire her legs. To be with all these words, to forget nothing, to turn them into health. ” A half-baked broth is kept overnight, in the morning they are filtered and drunk in a whole day. They do it every day with pronouncing words for a month and a half,

  • Spell the spell of menopause on the waning moon. Pure water is poured into a transparent dish and set so that the celestial body is reflected in it. At dawn, after a conspiracy to liquid, she washes her face, they drink the rest. The words are pronounced: “Month is a friend, look around, shine your face so that there is no servant of God (woman’s name) Virgin Mary looked at you? I looked. Are female gorges tolerated? I did not tolerate it. Give me, the servant of God (the name of the woman) to admire you in the water, not to touch women's sufferings. Stars to help, in the name of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen",
  • The spell is read on the bath water. You need to take a white candle (light it), a handful of salt and essential oil (narcissus, violets, cloves or sandalwood). Then water is drawn into the bath, the body must immerse into it entirely. Dissolve the salt in the liquid and a few drops of oil, now you can lie in it. Having completely relaxed for a few minutes, you need to imagine how the body leaves the multicolored balls (these are ailments). Then pull the plug out of the bath, remaining in it until the liquid flows out. They say a conspiracy against manifestations of menopause: “Illness, flow from me through the water, far away into the pool, to the mermaids and frights”. Getting up, you must take a shower. A repetition of the ritual daily in the evening will help you fall asleep faster, and in the afternoon feel more cheerful,
  • On the first day of the new moon to hold a ritual with candles. In the evening on the floor chalk outline a circle of 50 cm in diameter. To the right of him set a lit red candle. During the procedure, say: "The flame to the flame." Opposite the red and on the other sides to put white candles. Lighting them, say: “Take care of the servant of God (the name of the woman), my women's troubles, the flame, drive them away. As said, and done. Amen". In the center of the circle put your own photo and a sheet with the name. They fold their palms over their breasts and say: “My woman’s well-being, be here before my eyes day and night, never leave me. Flame, burn, pain, go away. As said, it came true. Amen". Then they take a dry grass branch prepared beforehand, bring it to a burning red candle and say: “Burn, pain, I am healthy. Amen, Amen, Amen. " The burnt stem is thrown into a cup of water, which is thrown out, the candles are extinguished by blowing.

We recommend to read an article on the appointment of drugs for menopause. You will learn about the intake and action of hormonal and homeopathic medicines, the need to lead a recommended lifestyle, to stick to a diet.

Prayer in the treatment of menopause

Menopause prayer for some is more effective than conspiracy. It is pronounced mentally or very quietly when it comes to the church. You need to take with you in a white handkerchief:

  • Acacia fruits
  • Red rose petals,
  • Elderberry flowers,
  • Sunflower petals,
  • Pumpkin and tomato seeds.

Having defended the church service, listening to the bells, they say: “As this praises God, so can I praise Him, who gives me, the slave (woman’s name) healing from the female dumb, health. Amen". On the way home, you can not communicate with anyone, and returning there, you need to put a handkerchief with a collection on your lower abdomen for 5 minutes. Then its contents are thrown away.

A conspiracy readable from menopause cannot be considered an absolute solution to problems. But he will help to tune in for the best, and this is very valuable for women's health.

Medicinal plants for menopause

Treatment of menopause at home involves the use of medicinal herbs, phytocompositions that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerating properties:

  1. Berries of grapes should be present in the daily diet of women suffering from neurosis and hysteria, bowel disease and uterus, heart palpitations associated with changes in hormonal levels during menopause.
  2. From the vine they prepare a powdered remedy, eliminating the swelling of the legs with hormonal dysfunction. The vine is dried and burned. The resulting coals are cooled and ground into powder. 2 tbsp. tablespoons of crushed coal is dissolved in 500 ml of water and boiled until the volume of liquid is halved. The cooled tool take 4 tbsp. spoon once a day with meals. The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.
  3. Eliminate the swelling of the legs during menopause can be white clay, soaked in apple cider vinegar to the state of liquid dough. Liquid clay mass is applied on cotton fabric with a layer of 1 cm and applied to the congested areas. After drying, the clay is removed. Therapeutic procedures carried out for 7-10 days in a row. Dry clay can be reused, diluted with apple cider vinegar.
  4. Herbal decoction zhivokosta used in diseases of the uterus in menopause. The drug is taken as a tea, using dry raw materials harvested from any part of the plant (stems, leaves, rhizomes or flowers) for brewing. Herbal tea drink at least one month.
  5. Nervous breakdown and hysterical seizures eliminate herbal tea made from peppermint and lemon balm. Tea is drunk at bedtime for 4-6 weeks to restore emotional balance during the hormonal adjustment of the body.
  6. A sedative effect is provided by a phytocomposition of hop cones, valerian roots, and hypericum flowers, combined in a 2: 1: 1 ratio. 1 tbsp. spoonful of dry raw materials brew in 0.5 liters of water and, boiling for 5 minutes, insist until complete cooling. Herbal infusion take 50 ml 2-3 times a day for 3-4 weeks.
  7. Nightshade leaves (2 tablespoons) are brewed in 250 ml of water and infused for 30-40 minutes. Herbal infusion take 50 ml in the morning and evening for cystitis and uterine diseases during menopause.
  8. To eliminate panic attacks with menopause, lime comes to the rescue. Lime tea has a calming effect on the central nervous system, as well as eliminates shortness of breath and cough with palpitations. Linden tea is drunk at night for 3-4 weeks. You can alternate with mint tea.
  9. Mustard seeds are used for insomnia, neurosis, dizziness and darkening in the eyes during menopause. Mustard seeds are crushed in a coffee grinder and take 1 teaspoon during a meal 1 time per day. Therapy is continued for 1-1.5 months.
  10. One of the popular recipes for severe headache associated with menopausal syndrome is a composition made from shredded horseradish roots (1 tbsp) and 0.5 teaspoonful vinegar. The harsh aroma of the drug relieves pain. This advice can be used with a strong nervous tension.
  11. You can fight menopause with the help of cucumbers. Natural phytoestrogens contained in cucumber wattle, have a beneficial effect on the hormones of women during menopause. This remedy is recommended to take homeopaths with menopause from hot flashes, hyperhidrosis, dizziness. To prepare the medicine, cucumber watds are dried, crushed and brewed in a thermos (1 tbsp of dry raw material per 0.5 l of water). The drug is taken in 50 ml 2 times a day for 4 months. After a 2-month break, the course of treatment can be repeated.
  12. Dill or fennel seeds are brewed as tea (1 teaspoon per cup of boiling water) and taken 2-3 times a day for pain in the intestines, increased flatulence, and frequent urination during menopause.
  13. Red rowan in the form of an alcohol tincture alleviates unpleasant symptoms during an early menopause: hot flashes, increased sweating, headaches, dizziness, insomnia. To prepare the tincture, 200 crushed rowan berries are placed in a 1-liter jar and poured with alcohol, vodka or brandy (optional). The drug must be infused in a cool dark place for 14 days. Ready tincture take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day for 10-14 days. Therapy can be repeated in a month.
  14. Royal jelly with menopause, homeopaths are recommended to take as an immunomodulating agent with a high biological value to increase the body's resistance during hormonal disorders, physical and sexual activity.

Using folk remedies on the advice of a homeopath it must be remembered that herbal medicine during menopause does not replace the classical treatment regimen of pronounced hormonal dysfunction caused by age-related changes.

Conspiracy during menopause

Traditional medicine recommends the use of conspiracies in menopause in women:

  1. Menopausal syndrome can be alleviated by daily drinking and washing with conspired water. You need to talk water on a decreasing moon. Plain water is poured into a glass container and put on the window sill, consecrated by moonlight, at night. With the first rays of the sun, a woman should drink a few sips of “lunar” water and wash her face with her, saying: “Brother month, you are happy with stars. Reflect to me your face, so that there is no agony. As the Holy Mother of God looked at the moon, the torments of women did not tolerate it, so I’m a slave (to give me my name) to look at you through the water and not suffer torments. With faith in the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen". Only sincere faith in God and the hope of the help of higher powers will carry out a conspiracy during menopause.
  2. This plot is used by healers for menopause. It prevents the appearance of uterine bleeding and the associated painful sensations in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region. “On the sea-ocean, on the island of Buyane there is a lightning, and in it the sisters on the belfry wounds heal, the blood stops. As my wound heals, so does the blood not flow from it. Amen". Заговор читают после молитвы «Символ веры» или «Отче наш» при зажженной церковной свече в течение 3 дней.

Массаж при климаксе

Воздействуя на определенные точки, расположенные на теле, можно купировать болевой синдром, избавиться от депрессии, апатии, восстановить гармонию души и тела.

Чтобы добиться положительного результата, точечный массаж при климаксе должен выполнять специалист с учетом рекомендаций гинеколога, эндокринолога и психотерапевта. Профильные специалисты подскажут, как избавиться от климактерического синдрома без вреда здоровью.

At home, women can perform a simple set of exercises. On the female body there are three points, acting on which can significantly reduce the unpleasant effects caused by menopause. Just a few minutes a day spent on the performance of acupressure, save a woman from the painful symptoms of hormonal imbalance without the use of synthetic hormones.

  1. To find the first point, you need to consider the inner side of the upper limbs. From the base of the shoulder to the forearm is located the deltoid muscle, in the place of its end and is the cherished point. It should be pressed 3 times, and then perform a similar exercise on the second hand.
  2. The second point is on the outside of the lower limbs. Visually, it can be determined by the strip line on the pants. Having taken a standing position, you need to straighten up, straighten your shoulders and try to reach as far as possible with the tips of the middle fingers of both hands. It is in this place are the points. It is necessary to act on the points of both legs at the same time 3 times.
  3. The third point is also easy to find. It is located in the pubic zone. Visually finding the top of the pubic bone, put three fingers on it and press it 3 times in a row.

By acting on the biologically active points of the body, you can achieve a tangible therapeutic effect. Acupressure is performed by deep pressing with finger pads for 1 minute, activating blood circulation, lymph flow, and metabolic processes in the tissues. The medical procedure is not recommended to carry out more often 1 time a day. Contraindications for acupressure is the presence of any tumors in the pelvic organs.

Regular routine checkups at the gynecologist, adherence to the day and diet, the absence of bad habits and minimizing stress will make it possible to pass this time period more comfortably.

The easy way to get rid of menopause

Conspiracies can help solve problems with manifestations of menopause. Faithful means - folk recipes. 10 lemons and 5 shells from raw eggs finely crushed. Liquid to leave for 2 weeks. Eat for a month with honey, on an empty stomach.

Herbal recipes, acupressure, products rich in vitamin E, mineral supplements and vitamins help to fight the disease well.

Prayer conspiracy during menopause.

If you have tried a lot of tools, but did not get the result, time to resort to prayers.

It will help in this collection of several types of herbs:

  • acacia berries
  • the Rose,
  • elder,
  • sunflower,
  • tomato seeds and pumpkins.

For a pinch of each ingredient you need to put in a white cloth and visit the church service. As soon as the bells sound, say the prayer:

“As this sound of praises God, so I praise Him, who gives me, the slave (name), healing from the female sickness, health. Amen".

All day to observe silence, no one can say a word. A cloth bag of herbs should be put on the lower abdomen. Then set it on fire or just throw it away.

A simple plot from menopause

Also called a water plot. Cooking recipe: type water in a glass jar and leave for the night to be sanctified under the moon. In the morning drink half a glass of water, wash it. A conspiracy from menopause sounds like this:

“Brother month, you are happy with stars. Reflect to me your face, so that there is no agony. As the Holy Mother of God looked at the moon, the torments of women did not tolerate it, so I’m a slave (to give me my name) to look at you through the water and not suffer torments. With faith in the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

Prayer will definitely work in a short time, if you believe in its result.

Conspiracy with salt

To perform the required white candle, fine salt and essential oil - sandalwood or narcissus. In a warm bath, you need to pour salt first, then pour a few drops of oil. Do everything by the light of a burning candle. Take a bath, thinking about your illness, mentally expelling it from the body. As soon as you see fit, remove the stopper from the bath and say:

"The disease comes out of me into the water, and then further into the sea!"

It is necessary to leave only from an empty bath. The time of taking such a bath is about 10 minutes. Be sure to take a shower so that the conspiracy water is flushed from the body.

Conspiracy with candles

You will need to buy 3 white candles, 1 red, to prepare your photo, a sheet of paper and blue chalk. With the candle lit, draw a 50 cm circle with chalk. On the east side, leave a red candle. White candles arranged on the other sides. Place a photo and paper in the center of the circle. Write your name on it. Say out loud:

“My women's health! Stand before me under the clear eyes, stand before me between day and night. Light on the back, heart to me! Truly. "

5 minutes is enough to perform the ritual. At the end, find a dry sprig, set it on fire and at the moment of smoke, say:

“Desire for health! So that you are fulfilled, I sing a spell. Let strength and beauty health pour down on me. Barriers any hence nothing. I want it so much. Let it be so"!

With dampened fingers put out the candles and do not communicate with anyone until the end of the day.

With conspiracies, defeating the symptoms of early menopause becomes easy.

Broth for the treatment of menopause

In equal proportions mix:

  • black elderberry,
  • anise,
  • mallow,
  • licorice root and buckthorn,
  • calendula

Collection of plants in the evening brewed with boiling water and infused overnight. Make stocks of herbs, the broth is consumed daily, 2 times a day, for 20 minutes. before meals and only on the growing moon. The procedure will last for 6 months.

Another option broth

To collect in equal parts dry herbs: hazel, goldenrod, juniper berries. For 500 ml of water you need to take 5 tablespoons of the collection. Mixing herbal mass, whisper:

“On the sea-ocean, the island of Buyane lies a heavy stone. On it sits the grandfather hundred with a hook of years. It looks like dust from the forest, foam from the water, from beginning to edge, from north to south. Do not touch the dust from the forest, from the sea foam, take you away from the servant of God (the name of the woman) all the garbage and sickness. To make her brighten in her head, not to burn in her body, then not to drench, not to tire her legs. To be with all these words, to forget nothing, to turn them into health. ”

Then the drug should lie down in a dark place overnight. The next morning a glass of broth is drunk. Accept the need every morning 45 days and do not forget about the words of the prayer. Make sure no one sees or hears you. The prayer is pronounced almost in a whisper.

Magic and conspiracy from menopause and tides can work wonders and have a positive effect. It is impossible to achieve complete recovery, but tangible relief will not keep you waiting long. Add more vitamins to your regular diet and enjoy life.

Prayer-conspiracy during menopause.

It is necessary to collect the collection of the following plants:

  1. Acacia fruits
  2. Red rose petals,
  3. Elderberry flowers,
  4. Sunflower petals,
  5. Pumpkin seeds,
  6. Tomato seeds,

Collect everything in a pinch, wrap it in a white handkerchief, and go to the temple to serve. Better on decreasing month in women's day. After the service, under the sound of bells read quietly these words:

“As he praises God for this ringing, so I praise Him, who gives me, the slave (name), healing from the female dumbness, health. Amen".

On the way to the house you can not communicate with anyone, meet someone, turn away and shake your head that you can not talk. Returning to the house, put a handkerchief with a collection on your lower abdomen for about five minutes. After a while, the contents need to be thrown away or burn better!

A conspiracy in the female climax for a painless course

Fill the jar with water and put it on the window sill in the evening so that the Moon is reflected in it. The phase must be lost. It is good that the bank did not catch sight of anyone until morning.

We remember that in all diseases we do conspiracies only for a decreasing month.

Say on the water in the morning:

Month brother, stars matchmaker,
Give me your face, so that there is no hard times.
- Mother Mother Mary looked at you?
- I watched.
- Female flour suffered?
- No, I did not tolerate it.
So would I, God's servant (name),
Look at you in the water
Yes, female torment can not be tolerated.
The stars are often, the Lord is the Throne.
In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Then drink this water and wash it. Can be repeated three times in a row.

You can not hope that these prayers conspiracy at once heal you, but will certainly ease your condition. Use folk remedies to combat symptoms, an active lifestyle, exercise. Eat right! And be healthy!

Will a conspiracy from menopause help?

Menopause is the inevitable stage of female life. Not everyone in this period feels good and maintains mental balance. For many centuries it was believed that conspiracy from menopause would help restore a sense of health, neutralize the severe symptoms. You can treat this treatment method in every way. But the fact that it exists and is used in our time, when there are enough drugs for menopause syndrome, indicates sufficient effectiveness.

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Prayers and Conspiracies from Female Menopause

Climax - a natural process that occurs with age in every woman who has a little earlier, others later, but always the same. How to survive this time, how to reduce the most imperceptible symptoms accompanying the female climax. In order not to experience exhausting hot flashes, dizziness, surges in blood pressure and other ailments.

Love plot (conspiracy, valid until death)

A conspiracy of love (a conspiracy that is valid until his death) On one day in three churches, submit a note for the peace and health of the one you want to bewitch. After this, go to the cemetery, find there three graves in which men are buried, bearing the same name as in

Conspiracy 5 “I, the servant of God (name), will walk along the path. On my way the river will meet. That river stands as a pillar, it does not move, the serpent hurries in that river. Snake-hurry, quickly, quickly hurry from the servant of God (name) of the disease with copper teeth, iron teeth, and during the day

Conspiracy on poppy

A plot on a poppy On a new moon, go to the market and buy a poppy from a woman. Give money without change, if not so much, leave the change. Bargaining is impossible. Spread a black handkerchief at home on the table, draw a circle on it with a remnant of soap used by only one person. AT

Conspiracy Find a statue of a lion, griffin or dragon and place it on the porch or on the steps leading to the front door. These creatures have extraordinary defensive power and have been used for centuries. Today, many libraries and other public institutions continue this

Female weakness. (Also known as menopause)

Date of registration: 2010-12-31

When an attack occurs, both hands should be raised up, and if there is such an opportunity, then lower the legs into very warm water. From this, the blood from the head will quickly drain away and the attack will stop.

At a time when you will feel especially good, when you will be in a good mood and nothing will upset you, write on paper: “NAPERAAF” (instead of this word you can write your name or put your signature). Do it in some special way, using a special handwriting and style. Remember how you did it. Do this every day for one week and only when you feel good. Each time, write the same word using the same calligraphy. In this case, no one should know and see all the words written by you about all this. Now that you have a seizure, you can quickly remove it. To do this, just write the word known only to you. Starting to use this method, write the cherished word only at the time of the attack and do not use it at a time when you do not need it.

Put seven drops of fragrant rue oil on a piece of sugar. Speak a conspiracy on this sugar and let the drug sit down like a sick woman: “Sate sagas may paradise, ufa bale, date of pit”.

Repeat this treatment three times a day.

Collect wheatgrass, juniper berries, walnut leaves, harrow root and goldenrod in equal parts. Saying the cherished words, brew two spoons of the collection with two cups of boiling water: “At sea, on the Ocean, on the island of Buyan lies a white marble stone. An ancient grandfather sits on that stone for more than 100 years, looks like soot from the forest, sea foam from the sea, from coast to coast, from east to west. Do not brush it from the woods to dig, from the sea foam, and whisk you from the servant of God (name) all her pendants, all her thinness. So that she did not break her legs, she did not torment her head, did not burn in a white body, did not sweat cold. All these my words come true, turn to work, do not forget forevermore. ”

Do this in the evening and keep the infusion warm all night. In the morning infusion strain. Pray a sick woman to drink this remedy during the day. Every evening, prepare a new medicine and do so for six weeks. Then take a break for a month and repeat the treatment.

This conspiracy should be read when you prepare other remedies.

Mix in equal parts the flowers of black elderberry, the root of the harvester of the plowed field, the flowers of marigold, mallow, aniseed fruit, buckthorn bark, licorice root and grass of fescale. Pour two spoons of this mixture with two cups of boiling water. Having done this in the evening, insist on the drug all night. This means you need to drink during the day and every evening to prepare a new infusion. Perform treatment for two weeks during the growth of the moon, take a break for the entire time of its descending and resume treatment again at the onset of a new moon. In total, six lunar months should be devoted to this treatment.

Make up herbal mixture. Take two parts of hawthorn flowers, two parts of yarrow grass, two parts of peppermint leaves, one part of buckthorn bark, one part of wormwood grass and one part of fennel fruit. Brew one spoon of this mixture with a glass of boiling water. When the water has cooled, strain it. This infusion is necessary to drink one glass in the morning and evening.

With headache and dizziness, you should drink the infusion of Veronica Dubravnaya. Drink half a cup of infusion just before the meal and drink it two hours after the meal.

When insomnia must be applied to the calf legs mustard or grated horseradish.

In addition, you need to drink one glass of cucumber pickle, in which to add one spoonful of lime honey.

For bleeding, you need to drink half a glass of shepherd's infusion bag three times a day.

When doing the washing, use a decoction made from peel of horse chestnut seeds. Take three spools of ripe chestnut in a glass of water, which you then boil for a quarter of an hour over low heat.

"Like water. feeds the earth and gives birth to her. so is my word

which proceeds from my mouth,. performs what I want and

does what I sent him for. ”

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Chamomile - 10g

Yarrow (grass) - 10g

Silverweed goose - 10g

A tablespoon of the collection in a glass of boiling water. Insist 1 hour, strain. Take two glasses a day in small sips.

Elderberry flowers - 3 parts

Gryzhnika grass - 3 parts

Anise fruits - 3 pieces

Violet tricolor grass - 3 pieces

The root of the barbed prickly - 2 parts

Buckthorn bark - 3 pieces

Licorice root - 3 pieces

Calendula flowers - 2 parts

Consort flowers - 2 parts.

Tablespoon collection in a glass of boiling water, insist hour. Infusion to drink two glasses a day.

15g alcoholic tincture of rue fragrant take three times a day.

Communicating with me, you automatically agree that from time to time I will fall out of your life and in no way come out of contact.

With menopause

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With menopause

Veronica Apr 10, 2011, 11:31 pm

Rowan at the onset of menopause.

With an early menopause, you should not be in a hurry to swallow hormones to relieve your condition. The best remedy is mountain ash. She is specially created by nature for a positive effect on the female hormonal system. After the use of infusion from mountain ash, the woman stops torturing her heartbeat, dizziness and hot flashes disappear, sticky sweat disappears, always inherent in the early menopause, increased efficiency and vitality, a healthy complexion appears. Rowan brew both fresh and dry. It is well possible to insist on vodka and brandy. To prepare the tincture take 200 g of mountain ash, crushed and poured vodka (1 liter for 200 grams of berries). Bank clean in a cool place for 2 weeks. Infusion need to filter and take 1 tsp. 3 times a day. Drink green tea, sleep well and calmly, eat moderately, plenty of vegetables and fruits. Never overeat and avoid alcohol, for these are the two eternal enemies of your liver.

To cope with severe sweating will help tea from sage. 3 tsp. sage pour 250 g of boiling water. At night, drink warm on this dose.

«Никогда не обижай ведьму.Ибо никогда не знаешь с какими силами тебе придётся иметь дело.Она не просто женщина, она избранная духами первородными, и эти духи её берегут как зеницу ока, и мстят за её боль обидчику. Мстят очень жестоко и страшно».

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