Diet during menstruation


Sitting during menstruation on a diet is an effective way to lose weight, because during this period of time there is a natural cleansing and renewal of the woman’s body, which means natural weight loss. You need to eat fully, so that the process of losing weight takes place smoothly and without damage to your health. If during losing weight monthly disappeared, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Is it possible to sit on a diet during menstruation?

The body of the girls lives according to their own individual schedule, during which complex biochemical processes take place in the reproductive system. To lose 3-5 pounds should go on a diet in the second half of the menstrual cycle. It is enough to calculate it just having a special calendar of critical days at hand. If your body is prone to pain during menstruation, it is best to postpone the diet for weight loss until the end of menstruation.

Is it possible to go on a diet for weight loss during menstruation? This question worries most women. Depending on the type of diet, it is possible to lose up to 5 kilograms of weight.

Food depending on the phase of the menstruation cycle should be:

  • The first phase of critical days. A diet for weight loss during this phase of menstruation should contain: 50 percent of proteins, 20 percent of half-saturated fat. Carbohydrates in this period of time it is better to exclude
  • Second phase It is preferable to use buckwheat or honey diet for weight loss, which is more gentle to the body of a woman during the menstrual cycle,
  • Third phase. You should eat the correct slow carbohydrates and dried fruits that can be mixed with honey.

Why doesn't the weight go away?

Do you stick to your diet during your period and don't lose weight? This problem concerns many who have decided to sit on a limited diet. In the event that the scales are still the same mark for kilograms, it is recommended to take such measures:

  • Give up coffee and nicotine,
  • Abandon salty and spicy foods,
  • You can use a glass of kefir or ryazhenka before bedtime, this will help disperse the metabolism and reduce weight,
  • Exclude fruits with a lot of sugar (grapes, bananas).

During a diet, periods can be less painful than on a regular diet.

Principles of proper nutrition

Slimming during menstruation should be correct. The menu should contain a maximum of useful substances, a number of micro and macro elements. To comply with the menu, you must paint your own diet in advance.

Proper nutrition during menstruation for weight loss - a list of products:

  • Fruits and vegetables, except bananas and grapes. These fruits are able to slightly increase the weight and retain water, thereby achieving the opposite effect,
  • Seafood - contains pure protein, which is able to reduce the pain threshold. Also, seafood combined with herbs and vegetables can saturate the body with iodine, which has a positive effect on the thyroid gland,
  • Milk and kefir. Just a glass of milk or dairy product can fill the deficit of calcium and iron, which is intensively exiting the body during this period,
  • Chicken fillet. Pure protein, which is so necessary in the critical days of the body.

In order to properly lose weight during the period of menstruation, it is necessary to create a varied menu that is rich not only in proteins, but also in the correct fats, which are found in large quantities in fish and eggs. When losing weight during menstruation, you should exclude sauces and marinades, smoked meats and pickles.

Menu for 3 days

Sample menu for 3 days for a diet during menstruation for weight loss:

1 option:

  • Breakfast - boiled chicken egg, rye toast and a handful of fresh berries or fruits in season,
  • Lunch - not fatty boiled chicken or turkey meat, steamed vegetables,
  • Dinner - a glass of kefir or milk, a handful of fresh berries or dried fruit.

Option 2:

  • Breakfast - 200 grams of cottage cheese, 100 grams of boiled oatmeal,
  • Lunch - steamed fish, light vegetable salad with greens,
  • Dinner - steamed seafood or a light cottage cheese dessert.

3 option:

  • Breakfast - oatmeal on water with seasonal berries,
  • Lunch - vegetable soup - puree,
  • Dinner - fruit salad and a couple of nuts.

It is worth remembering that roasting meat is not recommended, the best way to heat treatment remain: cooking, grilling, baking, steaming.

How during a diet not to lose monthly?

Monthly disappear most often from a deficiency of beneficial micro and macroelements in the body, in particular potassium and magnesium. To save your period while you are sitting in restrictive practice and lose weight, remember that fasting is not recommended. In the case of a partial or permanent hunger strike, there is a failure in the hormonal system and no vital hormones are secreted to maintain a normal menstrual cycle.

In order to properly lose weight should be used:

  • Cereals. This product is perfectly absorbed by the body, helps to lose weight,
  • A piece of chocolate. It is important to use this particular portion of the product in order to maintain clear skin. This product contains endorphin, a kind of happiness hormone that supports well-being and mood,
  • Milk products.

In order to not lose menstruation during a diet and lose weight, you should exclude any alcoholic beverages, as they can contribute to hormonal disruption in a woman's body.

Why during the diet do not go monthly?

During the diet, the delay in menstruation occurs due to malnutrition, which is characterized by a deficient content of vital elements and proteins that are required to enter the woman's body.

If you have decided to diet with your period, you need to eat a balanced and correct diet or wait until the next month. It is worth remembering that first of all health is at the head, and only then an attractive appearance and slim figure.

Why there is no monthly after diet

Getting on the scales during menstruation is not the best idea. As a result, you can spoil your already not the rainbow mood. Due to the effects of hormones these days a lot of fluid is retained in the body, which is why weight gain is caused.

Understanding the principles of the body during menstruation, it becomes obvious that any attempt to lose weight during critical days is doomed to failure. Almost all the efforts that the girl will make to improve their own appearance, will be in vain. The result can only be a complete lack of motivation for subsequent classes.

Thus, summarizing all the information given above, many nutritionists advise their patients to start losing weight only after menstruation, when hormonal balance returns to normal.

In the very first days after this “ill-fated” period, a woman’s self-esteem takes off, she finds motivation in everything that surrounds her and is ready to move mountains just to achieve the goal. It seems that mother nature itself once again leaves us with a reminder that a certain cycle has ended and the time for updates has come, a time in which anything is possible.

When deciding to improve your own body, change it for the better and finally achieve the desired ideal, do it right! Do not be lazy to be examined by experts, find out all the needs of your body, take all the necessary tests and be patient, as the result is never instant.

Remember that the decision to lose weight should not be made on emotion. It should be once again considered, examined all the pros and cons, found the most suitable diet, checked the state of hormones and only then can we safely decide on such a crucial step, which, no doubt, will become a significant stress for any organism. Take care of yourself, appreciate your body and follow the wise advice of experts!

Many people complain that there is no monthly after diet. Diet and truth can bring down the menstrual cycle, if it is too hard and leads to depletion of the body. As a rule, there are no periods after the diet for those who limit the diet to a minimum and lose weight more than expected.

Monthly Diet

Women's well-being depends largely on hormones. During menstruation, hormones change, there are various processes that can both worsen health and cause inexplicable desires in eating.

Every woman has ever noticed a heightened desire for food during the beginning of the menstrual cycle. On each vase of menstruation desires are different, therefore, diet during menstruation should be given special attention.

  • 1-6 days. The body feels tired, exhausted, energy disappears, constantly want to sleep. At this time, nutritionists recommend to give preference to calcium, to drink more herbal tea, to abandon animal fats, which will only worsen health. Sweets should also be excluded from the diet, it is allowed to use raisins, dried apricots and other dried fruits in limited quantities,
  • 7-12 days. At this time there is a surge of energy, I want to eat a lot less compared to the first week of the menstrual cycle. You need to eat a little, mainly foods that contain folic acid. The diet should be green vegetables and fresh herbs, wheat bran. It is important to completely abandon trans fat, fast foods. They will aggravate the stomach, slow down metabolic processes, promote the collection of fatty body mass. This period, on the contrary, is the best for losing weight,
  • 13-15 days. At this point, ovulation occurs, it requires increased attention to nutrition, full saturation. Nutritionists recommend at this time to take wheat bread, brown rice. Sweetened products should be discarded because they will negatively affect hormonal levels. If the goal is to become pregnant, foods such as sunflower oil, vegetable oils, whole milk, soy, fatty fish,
  • 16-28 days. After ovulation, if the pregnancy has not occurred, the woman observes a deterioration of health, irritability, a big appetite, an increased desire to use prohibited foods. The diet should include foods that contain a lot of fiber, magnesium. You need to eat bananas, corn, sprouted grains, green vegetables, legumes, bran, dried fruits and other products containing magnesium. It is necessary to completely remove the salt from the diet, it retains fluid and promotes weight gain.

Every woman in her life tries a lot of weight loss diets, but only a few of them understand that in order to get rid of extra pounds, you need to know what happens to your body during different periods of the menstrual cycle, and we'll talk about it today on the site for the bitch .

You probably noticed how the mood changes, there is a feeling of fatigue before the start of menstruation. Everywhere they say: “Predominantly Pre-Menstrual Syndrome! Buy a gold pill and you will forget about it forever. ”

But something provokes the emergence of this PMS? And is there a relationship between diet and menstruation? Let's define and eliminate the enemy and then in the fight against unpleasant sensations, we can completely do without drugs.

Start of menstruation

The beginning of the menstrual cycle, the first week is the most uncomfortable. In addition to pain, you become a hostage of your own hormones. You are drawn to sugary and fatty foods, and you completely forget about diet during your period. Your mood changes dramatically, you become irritable, and this is not because you are a bitch, just hormonal failure occurs in the body.

During menstruation, the metabolism slows down, so there is no need to transfer or load the stomach with heavy food, you risk to earn indigestion. During this period, the body actively produces insulin, norepinephrine and adrenaline.

The last two affect the secretion of gastric juice, so if you really really want sweet, it is better to eat it before 13:00, after their release is replaced by insulin and then it is very difficult to get rid of cellulite on the buttocks.

In the period of menstruation, the skin of a woman is very sensitive, but the ability to focus on the terrain is activated. All these are the consequences of the enhanced work of the pituitary gland.

Mid cycle

This is the period that begins after the completion of menstruation, usually the middle of the cycle lasts from the 8th to the 14th day of the cycle. Most active time! You feel great, you are in a great mood, your mental state is stable.

Wonderful time to do personal life. In your body, estrogens are vigorously produced - female hormones to attract the attention of the opposite sex. So take advantage of the situation. Every experienced bitch knows how to use this time as much as possible.

You can go to the website on the Internet and maybe something will learn.

During this period, try to eat a lot of carbohydrates, they will help get rid of unnecessary fat under the skin. Complex carbohydrates contain cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal), potatoes, whole grain bread and fruit.

It has long been known that it perfectly burns fat from currant pits, so add frozen currants or jam from it to your diet.

In addition to carbohydrates, take care of the body's nutrition with iron and other trace elements. Try to eat more liver and seafood.

But at the same time avoid sweet and fatty foods. Of course, it is not easy to stick to a monthly diet, but you are guaranteed not to get those extra pounds and help the body to more easily move minirodes and blood loss. If you really want sweets, freeze dietary marshmallows in your fridge and eat them when it is hot.

Last phase of the cycle

Comes in the period from 15 days to the beginning of menstruation. The most difficult phase! There is swelling of the chest, the belly becomes larger and indecently sticks out from under the clothes. In the body, the secretion of the hormone estrogen is replaced by progesterone.

But there is good news: during this period, you can forget a sharp diet before menstruation. I want a pile of cake, indulge yourself with this. You deserve some relaxation. But do not overdo it! Avoid heavy foods. Progesterone disrupts the bowels, so make sure that there is no constipation. For this you can in 2-3 hours after eating drink a glass of warm milk.

All this will help to accumulate energy, to satisfy a constant feeling of hunger and it will be easier for you to move PMS, as well as lose weight, adhering to the diet on a monthly basis.

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You need to try to restore the menstrual cycle, even if it will have to gain a couple of kilograms, and this should be done as quickly as possible. You do not want to lose the opportunity to become a mother, to take medicines regularly or to grow old ahead of time? And all this awaits you if you prefer to stay inactive.

No one says that now only high-calorie foods should be on your table. But fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements should be on the menu every day. Without the help of a gynecologist you can not cope, so contact him as soon as possible.

He will give you medications, but first he will give you a referral to donate blood for hormones. Self-medication can lead to a malfunction of the reproductive and endocrine system, which means a deterioration of health and a high probability that you will not be able to conceive a child.

Delayed menstruation, what is the reason?

For hormones of women are responsible hormones such as progesterone and estrogen. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the amount of estrogen increases, and progesterone decreases. This nuance is simply impossible to control. Before the menstrual cycle, hormones cause the body to store excess fluid, as it is lost by the body along with secretions. As a result of an excessive amount of water, swelling occurs, which disappear in a few days.

But this is not the only reason why weight gain is observed during menstruation. At this time, hormone surges occur that provoke appetite. It becomes uncontrollable, women cannot deny themselves many products, food breakdowns are observed. To avoid this, you need to follow a diet before and during the menstrual cycle.

Termination of menstruation can be triggered by dramatic weight loss and severe dietary restrictions. With an instant weight loss, the body simply does not understand what to do, and therefore directs all the forces extracted from food to its survival, which provokes the cessation of monthly bleeding.

All women know that the menstrual cycle is divided into 2 phases. In the first part of the egg maturation occurs. In the second, the organism prepares for the adoption of a fertilized egg. This process regulates the hormone progesterone with the assistance of the central nervous system.

Progesterone prepares the genitals and the whole body. A woman begins to stock up with nutrients through food, to save the pregnancy, its further development. Отсюда появляется зверский аппетит, лишний вес. Позывы к приему очередной порции пищи посылает нервная система.

Выходит, что при отсутствии оплодотворения все это не понадобится. So, you can limit yourself in food, be distracted by something else, do not give in to the urge of the inner voice to absorb all the products from the refrigerator.

Harm from this for the body absolutely will not. After the end of the critical days, all systems will return to normal. And overweight will not. But for this you need more willpower. To endure a diet of 7 days before menstruation and the same during menstruation is not easy at all. Moreover, the diet with monthly puts certain restrictions.

But lack of appetite is associated with severe PMS symptoms. Appears not only aversion to food, but also smells. There is a headache, nausea, problems appear in the digestive tract. Food absolutely does not go into his mouth. Diet for menstruation, you want, you do not want, you have to follow.

Delaying menstruation in girls who limit themselves to food is a frequent occurrence. If they are gone, this is no reason to panic. The cells of the body lack the “building materials”, what else can be the result? So, you need to try to restore the menstrual cycle, so that the delay does not repeat, you need to consult a doctor. If there is no discharge a week, this is called a delay.

Women who have plentifully fall out and split their hair, dry skin, their nails are broken and dull, and they often complain that their periods have disappeared.

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Have you ever noticed, sitting on a diet, that it does not work, and you find it difficult to comply with all the rules of the new program? It seems that everything falls out of hands, temptations lie in wait around every corner, willpower has evaporated.

And you want to give up on everything, to buy a huge cake with a fat color cream and in tears to eat it straight with a spoon, like ice cream. Have you ever been like that? Still can not explain what it was? It's simple: you went on a diet at the wrong time - on the eve or during critical days.

Perhaps you did not know that the diet during menstruation should be gentle, balanced, to ensure the special needs of the female body in such a difficult period for him.

How to return the lost menstruation after a strong weight loss? Side effect avoidance

Any changes in the body of the fair sex occur under the influence of hormonal levels. That hormones in most cases affect the overall well-being of women and her mood.

The main indicator of good female health and favorable hormonal levels are regular and painless periods. In the event that a girl is very thin, her body is under severe stress.

In addition, while adhering to most diets, the diet of a slimming woman does not include animal fats, which are responsible for the level of sex hormones. As a result of such changes, many girls often notice that after losing weight they have lost their periods, and begin to worry a lot, not knowing how to get them back.

Many girls are well aware that after an effective weight loss they have a global hormonal adjustment in their body, so they are completely calm about the menstrual cycle. Others, on the contrary, begin to worry very much due to the fact that their periods have disappeared, and to set themselves the most diverse diagnoses.

In fact, delaying menstruation after a strong weight loss is not unusual.

In most cases, exhausting diets with the use of a minimum amount of calories, heavy workouts in the gym and unbalanced nutrition lead to this.

Despite the fact that such a condition is understandable, it should be immediately treated, and always under the supervision of a gynecologist.

In the absence of proper treatment, the prolonged absence of menstruation can lead to the following complications:

  • polycystic ovaries,
  • uterine bleeding,
  • development of various benign formations,
  • infertility and the inability to make a baby.

To restore menstruation after a debilitating diet, it is necessary, first of all, to consult a doctor. A qualified doctor will conduct all necessary examinations and prescribe treatment with appropriate hormonal drugs.

Artificial hormones, which will start to enter the body of the fair sex, will help to restore the menstrual cycle and the normal functioning of the reproductive system of the woman, with the result that in 3-4 months the lost menstruation will return.

It should be remembered that the uncontrolled intake of hormonal drugs can be very dangerous, so you should strictly follow all the recommendations of the attending physician. As a rule, it is also necessary to abolish such funds according to a scheme that an experienced doctor should describe in detail.

The most effective folk remedy for the treatment of various disorders of the menstrual cycle is wormwood.

This medicinal plant is necessary to pour boiling water, insist for 2-3 hours, then strain it thoroughly and drink the resulting liquid one tablespoon before eating.

The drug has a very unpleasant bitter taste, so it is better to drink it immediately with clean water or tasty juice.

The following means of traditional medicine can also help to return monthly after significant weight loss:

  • Tablespoon of onion peel pour 200 ml of pure cold water and boil for 3-4 minutes after boiling. Leave to insist until the moment when the tool acquires a rich brown color, and strain. Drink 1-2 tablespoons 3 hours after meals,
  • Prepare a mixture of parsley seeds and chopped mint leaves in the ratio 3: 1. 3 grams of this mixture pour two cups of water, put on the stove and boil for at least 10 minutes, then strain. Cool the solution to room temperature and divide it into 2 cups. Drink one glass in the morning and evening,
  • Take in equal proportions pharmacy chamomile, mint and valerian. Pour boiling water and insist for 20-30 minutes. Drink 100 ml up to 8 times a day,
  • Similarly, you can prepare an infusion of a mixture of yarrow, oregano, nettle and rosehip, taken in equal proportions,
  • In addition, to accelerate the onset of menstruation, you can simply add lemon balm to tea,
  • Another effective remedy is parsley. It can be eaten fresh in unlimited quantities, as well as cooking a very effective decoction from its seeds,
  • A tablespoon of oregano pour boiling water, insist on a water bath for 15-20 minutes, then add half a liter of boiled water to the resulting broth. Put in a dark place and let it brew for at least 40 minutes. Strain the obtained medicine and drink 2 teaspoons 20-25 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Store this tool should be in the refrigerator no more than 48 hours. The medicine does not have a very pleasant taste, so if you wish, you can add a teaspoon of honey to it,
  • Finally, to restore the menstrual cycle, you can take a bath every evening with the addition of turpentine or decoction of the love spell root. This should be done within two weeks, after which a ten-day break should be taken and, if necessary, the treatment should be repeated.

Of course, any violation is easier to prevent than to cure. Failure of the menstrual cycle is no exception.

In order not to bring your body to the absence of menstruation, you need to lose weight very carefully, dropping no more than 2-3 pounds per week. Exercise, too, should not bore you too much, it is enough to do only 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.

Ideally, you do not need to bring yourself to the need to go on a strict diet.

Adhere to proper nutrition, eat in small portions, lead an active lifestyle and go in for sports, and your figure will always be taut and elastic, and you will not even have the desire to lose weight.

Food for painful menstruation

The absence of critical days is a reason to think about your health. The following is a list of reasons why this may occur:

  1. High intensity workouts.
  2. Prolonged use of mono-diet (when a woman uses only one product, for example, kefir).
  3. Wrong metabolism.
  4. Sharp weight loss.
  5. Starvation.
  6. Use in the diet exclusively low-calorie foods.
  7. Pregnancy.

Not always lack of menstruation caused by improper diet. Understand the causes of this phenomenon can only doctors. However, if as a result of the diet there was a severe depletion, many kilograms were lost, then most likely the reason lies precisely in this.

In order to restore the cycle, you need to start eating regularly, and also consult a gynecologist. The following procedures can be assigned to establish the cause:

  • delivery of general blood and urine tests,
  • definition of changes in hormonal background,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.

Based on the results, doctors prescribe the use of drugs that restore the normal functioning of the ovaries.

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If the woman's body is faced with pain during menstruation, then it needs more thorough care and increased attention. It consists not only in limiting active physical exertion, but also in nutrition.

To minimize pain, you need to know what to eat during menstruation and a few days before they start. At this particular time it is worth gradually moving to the intake of vegetables, bran, buckwheat and rice porridge. They will saturate the body with all useful components, do not provoke the occurrence of pain, make it easier to respond to hormonal changes.

The diet includes the following products:

  • Vegetables,
  • Fruits,
  • Bran,
  • Lean meat,
  • A fish,
  • Seafood salads,
  • Whole wheat bread,
  • Cereals,
  • Green beans,
  • Eggs

It is important to normalize the amount of protein in the body. If you can not regularly eat protein foods, you can use protein bars or cocktails.

It is necessary to reduce any products that contain salt. Products with magnesium, potassium and calcium will be able to reduce uterine tone, reduce pain, make you feel better in the first days of painful menstruation.

Relieve well-being will allow ginger or chamomile tea. They will remove the spasm, relax, normalize all processes, allow the body to quickly deal with the situation. In the first days it is recommended to saturate the body with vitamin E, enough to use 300 mg per day.

During menstruation, you must follow a diet that will not only save the current weight and not replenish your kilogram stocks, but also prevent complications during the flow of menstruation. Let's take a look at how to lose weight during menstruation, on which products to focus on nutrition.

Every day it is necessary to change the diet, making it on the basis of healthy products. One day diet on a diet looks like this:

  • Breakfast. Cottage cheese, green tea,
  • Lunch. Orange banana, a glass of water,
  • Dinner. Boiled chicken, vegetable salad,
  • High tea A glass of kefir,
  • Dinner. Baked fish with vegetables and lemon.

Having a list of prohibited and permitted products, each person can make a diet according to personal preferences and wishes. It is important to abandon the flour and sweet, fatty and salty. During menstruation, the body is more susceptible to this kind of food, so it will process them into fats and set aside as fat deposits.

It is advisable to include broths or teas based on natural herbs in the diet. A good option would be chamomile, mint, ginger. Their preparation takes a few minutes. If you do not have time to prepare a full-fledged tincture or make a decoction, you can give preference to tea based on them, without adding sugar. Such drinks will be not only tasty, but also the most beneficial to the body.

The body of the girls lives according to their own individual schedule, during which complex biochemical processes take place in the reproductive system. To lose 3-5 pounds should go on a diet in the second half of the menstrual cycle.

It is enough to calculate it just having a special calendar of critical days at hand. If your body is prone to pain during menstruation, it is best to postpone the diet for weight loss until the end of menstruation.

Is it possible to go on a diet for weight loss during menstruation? This question worries most women. Depending on the type of diet, it is possible to lose up to 5 kilograms of weight.

Food depending on the phase of the menstruation cycle should be:

  • The first phase of critical days. A diet for weight loss during this phase of menstruation should contain: 50 percent of proteins, 20 percent of half-saturated fat. Carbohydrates in this period of time it is better to exclude
  • Second phase It is preferable to use buckwheat or honey diet for weight loss, which is more gentle to the body of a woman during the menstrual cycle,
  • Third phase. You should eat the correct slow carbohydrates and dried fruits that can be mixed with honey.

Products that should be included in the menu

Useful products will be those that are aimed at increasing the level of hemoglobin in the body, the level of which decreases during menstruation. That is, you need to adhere to a diet consisting of the following:

  • buckwheat and oatmeal,
  • cabbage
  • fish and seafood,
  • nuts,
  • the liver
  • eggs

We should not forget about the drinking regime: the body constantly loses fluid in the form of blood discharge, so it just needs clean water in a volume of 2n.

There is also the problem of puffiness, which, again, can be removed only with the help of clean drinking water and some seasonings, which include:

Dietary restrictions

Unfortunately, the words "tasty" and "healthy" are not synonymous. During the period of monthly girls need to abandon the following food:

  • Excessively salty foods will cause severe edema. Salt retains water, so in the morning the girl, who was pleased with such nutrition, would definitely not be happy with the reflection in the mirror.

  • Sweet causes the greatest harm to the body. This component provokes an increased secretion of fat, which adversely affects the appearance of the dermis and hair.
  • Foods rich in fats exert a strong pressure on the intestines, which are the most demanding of food during menstruation.
  • Spicy food accelerates blood circulation, and this in turn provokes its influx to the pelvic organs. Due to increased blood circulation, the girl risks to feel all the "charm" of spasms and pain.
  • Coffee, like spicy foods, makes the blood move faster, that is, again, there is an excessive saturation of the uterus with this biological fluid.
  • Alcohol in principle is not useful, but in the period of menstruation it is able to provoke increased bleeding, and with it terrible physical well-being.

Reviews of diet during menstruation

Diet during menstruation is used by many losing weight, which leave their feedback on the achievements of results and nutritional efficiency. If the diet is chosen correctly, taking into account all the features of the body during menstruation, the result will be impressive.

Nutrition has an optimal caloric content and a high content of vitamins, if it seems insufficient to a woman (especially in winter due to the lack of fruits and berries), then you can take additional medications. Many say that the diet is difficult to tolerate due to the restriction of sugary foods, especially since the craving for them is increased.