Calculation of ovulation with irregular cycle - methods for determining


Determine the optimal period for conceiving under the power of any woman with a normal biological rhythm. But not everyone can boast of it. How to use the ovulation calculator for an irregular cycle, or how to identify the "important" days yourself - consider in detail.

What cycle is recognized irregular

What is a normal cycle?

To calculate it is quite simple: it is necessary to determine the duration between periods, starting from the first day of the previous one. On average, women have a period of 27-29 days and it is considered normal. Indicators in the frequency of 21-35 days also apply to minor errors.

It also includes situations where the time of the onset of menstruation changes every month and is not systematized.

Is it possible to calculate the day of ovulation with an irregular cycle

Young girls with normal rhythms often consider sexual intercourse on “safe” days as a panacea for an unplanned pregnancy, and for this they determine the moments of ovulation via online services. Then how to calculate the day of ovulation with an irregular cycle on a calculator is quite difficult.

By the way, “safe” periods do not act as a guarantee, because processes are taking place in every organism, which are not easy to analyze.

In the middle of the cycle, ovulation usually occurs - for 10-14 days. The duration of its 1-2 days, which are most favorable for conception, because the egg leaves the ovaries and enters the fallopian tubes, where it expects fertilization. In the absence of a systematic cycle, it can occur on any given day.

Features of work calculator for calculating ovulation

Today, a large number of women's sites have an ovulation calculator, with an irregular cycle - it is also possible to calculate it online. The algorithm is often based on a simple formula: take away the duration of the cycle 17. The resulting number indicates on what day after the start of the menstrual period you can expect ovulation.

Is it possible to calculate on the online calculator the day of ovulation with an irregular cycle

For analysis, just enter your data:

  • date of the last menstruation,
  • duration of discharge,
  • cycle time.

In some cases, filling is even simpler - by the numbers of the last two menstruations. Such an online ovulation calculator with an irregular cycle is better, since there is no need to calculate it. But do not forget about the errors and the individual characteristics that the service does not take into account.

Its uniqueness is the ability to determine the sex of the newborn by the day of conception and the provision of a calendar for any period (the number of months must be indicated when entering the characteristics). Regarding gender, of course, it is impossible to vouch for the result with a 100% probability. But when developing the algorithm, recommendations of experienced gynecologists and specialists were taken into account.

Ovulation detection with tests

Let us consider how to calculate ovulation with an irregular cycle, if the calculator does not cause confidence or it is not possible to use it in view of the malfunction of the body. First of all, you can use tests to determine it. Today, there is a fairly wide choice of the principle of action and cost.

How to calculate ovulation test

The simplest and most popular strip test is a strip soaked in a special reagent. When dipping it into the urine, there will be a reaction to the determination of the level of luteinizing hormone. It reaches a peak 10-12 hours before ovulation. (Pic 1)

Calculate ovulation test with stripes

Use test systems must comply with certain rules:

  • Samples to take several days, starting from the lowest possible (on the 10-12th day with a normal cycle of 27-29 days). When irregular, it is better to start with the smallest observed in a woman. It is recommended to start from the 5th if it is not possible to calculate it.
  • Perform tests daily until hormone levels increase (the bar will be pronounced). Usually 4-5 days are enough for this, but there are situations when detection occurs on the 10th day.
  • Systematic testing: at the same time every day or a couple of times a day at regular intervals, if it is more difficult to identify the reaction (the strip is colored implicitly).
  • It is not recommended to test the morning urine. Do not drink a lot of liquid before testing. This helps to reduce the concentration of LH. It is better to abstain from urination for 2-3 hours before the test.

Of course, a 100% result is not always to be expected. In view of the level of LH inherent in every woman, a test can show a result when it is not actually (at a higher level of the hormone).

Physiological changes to calculate ovulation

Calculator for irregular cycle (online) does not take into account the calculation of ovulation such important characteristics as indirect signs of a physiological nature. Focusing on them, even in the absence of a response to the tests, favorable days can be identified. These include:

  • Aching sensation in the lower abdomen. In some women, the release of the egg can be felt physically.
  • On ovulation days, viscous secretions are observed. They are quite different from the usual ones - in color (transparent) and in consistency (knitting). At the end of the ovulation period, usually stop.
  • The mammary glands swell. This is due to the reaction of the organism preparing to feed offspring.
  • Subconscious desire for copulation. The release of the egg tells the body about the need to reproduce.

Ovulation Calculator and Baseline Chart

There is another method for establishing favorable days - taking measurements of basal temperature. This method is much more accurate than any calculator for calculating ovulation with an irregular cycle (especially with it!).

Measurements are made in the rectum, in the mouth or in the vagina. Experts recommended to choose only one option and not to change it when measuring. It is better to use the rectal version.

Accurately calculate the day of ovulation with an irregular cycle only on a calculator - unlikely

You will need a normal mercury thermometer and compliance with the basic rules:

  • Immediately after sleep, hold the measurement, even without getting out of bed.
  • At the time of measurement do not move, as the result may be distorted (muscle contraction increases the temperature).
  • In case of illness, postpone the measurement.
  • Taking drugs or alcohol can affect the temperature, in the schedule you need to put a mark-explanation.

When to start calculations

Such a calendar should be introduced in advance - 3-6 months before the conception planning, in order to get a detailed picture. Mark axes on a piece of paper: vertical - temperature, horizontal - dates. Every day enter the value (put a dot in the appropriate place). At the end of the month connect all points. The resulting curve is a basal chart.

How to unscramble

It should be understood that the usual temperature is about 37 ° C. When the egg leaves, i.e. Before ovulation, there is a decrease of 0.4-0.6 ° C. After this, the temperature practically returns to the usual value, and immediately before the monthly periods, a fall again occurs, but by 0.3-0.4 ° C. The phases before and after menstruation differ somewhat in temperature. After observing the situation for several months, ovulation is detected, calculated on a calculator with an irregular cycle which is very problematic.

Calculate otvulyatsiya independently without a calculator according to the schedule of basal temperature

If there are no jumps, this indicates its absence. In this case, you should consult a doctor for diagnosis and examination.

For an irregular cycle, the recommendations for calculating ovulation on an online calculator are as follows - you shouldn’t rely on calculations, for accurate results you should use strip tests and it is highly desirable to maintain a basal temperature chart. A calculator will help you at least save on the number of test strips.

The concept of irregular cycle

Women's health and well-being of a future pregnancy is determined by the regularity of menstruation. In this case, deviations in one and the other side for 7 days is considered the norm. Due to the fact that changing the hormones of a woman can be many factors. Especially goes to individuals with a vulnerable nervous system. Stress, depression, nervous tension - the worst enemies of menstruation. And if you add here a sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy or unbalanced diet, physical exhaustion, you can forget about the regular cycle. Normally, it is believed that an egg develops approximately 11–12 days. At 13–14, it leaves the follicle - ovulation. Not less than 16 days after ovulation, the next menstruation begins, a new development of the egg. Thus, the most normal cycle is 28 days. With an error for 4 days - 32.

With non-permanent menstruation, there is a permanent hormonal imbalance, as a result, ovulation occurs on any day of the cycle. The current generation of women knows that ovulation can occur even in menstruation, twice in one period or not at all. How to deal with the exact calculation of ovulation with an irregular cycle?

Ovulation Calculator

The natural method of protection from unwanted pregnancy used by women for a long time. I took into account the usual calculation of ovulation days - 2 days in the middle of the period. Toli health in women of previous generations was stronger, toli sperm listened. Nowadays, doctors call this method unreliable. Calculating ovulation in an irregular cycle allows you to get an approximate result.

Every girl since the start of menstruation is recommended to mark the "red days" in the calendar. Data for the previous 6 months will be required to calculate ovulation. The average is taken. The days of each period are summed up, divided by 6. From the obtained value they subtract 14. The resulting number will be an approximate date of ovulation. By this principle, you can calculate online without any problems, just by entering values.

The second method for calculating ovulation with an irregular cycle suggests performing calculations a little differently. Calculate the shortest duration of the menstrual cycle and the longest. 18 days are taken from the short, and 11 days from the long. The resulting time period will be those days in which ovulation is possible. In practice, it looks like this:

the shortest menstrual cycle in 6 months is 27 days,

long cycle - 42 days.

27–18 = 9, 42–11 = 21.

The approximate period of ovulation from 9 to 21 days of the menstrual cycle. Considering that egg maturation can occur faster by 2–4 days or later, the ability of spermatozoa not to lose properties for 5–7 days. The likelihood of pregnancy remains significant on critical days.

This principle is calculated online calculator. Most often, it suggests the time of ovulation last month with a prolongation for the next menstrual period. Calculate online is easier than simple. Enter the value of the short period and the longest. It turns out the result. You can also calculate online with the introduction of the values ​​of the beginning of the last menstruation and the start date of the next one. Get the result.

Calculator for calculating ovulation with an irregular cycle allows you to set the time interval of the release of the egg approximately. You can not be sure even in the regular cycle. Therefore, women are more often used more accurate methods of calculating ovulation with an irregular cycle.

We calculate the ovulation test stripes

A more reliable method for determining ovulation with an irregular cycle. Test strips are sold at the pharmacy, similar to the usual tests for determining pregnancy. Urine is taken as a material for analysis, in modern models saliva.

Calculate ovulation test stripes. Morning urine for these purposes is not suitable. Since the test strip does not determine the level of hCG, but the hormone of the luteal phase. The indicator goes down for a few seconds in the urine or saliva, the procedure is ready - we calculate the ovulation by the test stripes. The result is obtained in a few seconds. A blue bar indicates ovulation.

The test should be carried out from the 11th day of the menstrual period until the desired result appears.

If we calculate ovulation by test strips, you should give up alcohol, do not consume a lot of fluid. After morning emptying of the bladder do not urinate for 2 hours. However, even in this case, when we calculate ovulation by the test with stripes, errors can occur during an irregular cycle. Disrupted hormonal balance. The reasons for this are a huge amount. If the test with the endocrine system pathology does not show a true result, surely. This method is combined with others.

Basal temperature method for determining ovulation with irregular cycle

The basal temperature allows you to determine for sure all the processes in the female body. It is possible to calculate ovulation, implantation of the egg into the uterus in the case of fertilization, pregnancy, the onset of menstruation. Of all the methods for determining ovulation with an irregular cycle, the basal temperature method is more accurate. However, testing is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

The rules for determining ovulation with irregular cycle using basal temperature:

  • temperature is measured in the vagina, and better in the rectum,
  • a common thermometer is used,

  • held in the morning, without getting out of bed, at the same time,
  • before measuring a full sleep should last at least 6 hours.

Factors that affect the reliability of the results:

  • drinking alcohol
  • medication
  • high body temperature,
  • insomnia,
  • nervous tension
  • sexual intercourse,
  • fatty food before bed.

When determining ovulation with an irregular cycle by the basal temperature method, a woman needs to lead a healthy lifestyle, sleep well, take into account the effect of sexual intercourse.

Before the start of ovulation, the temperature drops by several degrees. At the time of release of the egg rises sharply. So keeps 1-2 days. Then ovulation occurs, then decreases. But it remains 2-4 degrees higher in comparison in the first half of the menstrual period. With pregnancy, the temperature does not fall below 37 degrees.

The whole difficulty of determining ovulation with this method with an irregular cycle is an unstable graph, ovulation can only be monitored by comparison. It is good, if the method is used for pregnancy, but not its prevention.

Determination of the time of release of the egg release

Many women claim to feel when an egg comes out. The main features are:

  • great mood
  • increased libido,
  • breast sensitivity,
  • pulling pain in lower abdomen.

Such symptoms may or may not be present. Surely you can learn about the release of the egg from the follicle secretions. At the time of ovulation, they become abundant. In most cases, the consistency changes. Ideally - viscous, transparent, odorless, like egg white. May be abundant thick. In such secretions are viewed droplets of blood. Or on the linen remains brown discharge. If a woman wants to become pregnant, it is on such a day that one should proceed to action. Most favorable of all with high probability to conceive a boy.

All pain sensations are mild in normal situations. If the pain is severe. Gives into the rectum. You should consult with your doctor. Gastrointestinal diseases, especially the intestines, may have worsened.

Ultrasound procedure

Most often used after several unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. Begin to observe the work of the ovary immediately after the end of menstruation. Initially, the dominant follicle is determined by ultrasound. If there is none, then there are serious problems with the ovaries. By the middle of the menstrual period, the ultrasound procedure is done every day. So determine the moment of release of the egg from the follicle. In the future, it is monitored for its development in order to establish whether a pregnancy has occurred or not.

Currently the most reliable and simplest method. There is no need to prepare for it. Observe a special mode of sleep and rest. The probability of 100%. However, such a study is carried out in order to establish the pathology of the absence of ovulation, or to determine the most favorable days for conception. No one will go on an ultrasound every day to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, at home coordinate all previous methods.

In general, in the irregular menstrual period in the absence of obvious health problems, you can use the test strip, basal temperature, taking into account the calculation.

Methods for calculating the ovulation period

The term "ovulation" means the process of maturation of the egg and its release into the region of the fallopian tubes. Female germ cells mature once a month. Ovulation is the best time to conceive a child. Owning accurate information about the timing of her ovulation, a woman gets the opportunity to independently plan a pregnancy, calculate the best time for intercourse and create favorable conditions for pregnancy of a child of the right sex.

Basal temperature

Как рассчитать овуляцию по базальной температуре? Для этого каждый день сутра с помощью обыкновенного градусника измеряйте температуру ректальным способом в течение семи минут. Record the results in a table, where you record the days of the cycle horizontally, and record the temperature in the vertical column. To keep records, highlight a special diary. The day before ovulation, the basal temperature will drop, and immediately after ovulation it will be higher by 0.3-0.6 degrees (37 degrees Celsius and above). At this level, the temperature will hold until the onset of menstruation.

Basal temperature is influenced by factors such as illness, stress, alcohol, or sexual intercourse.

Test strips

Independent calculation of ovulation using test strips involves determining the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine, which increases 24-36 hours before the onset of ovulation. It is very simple to use test strips and reusable portable devices, because the principle of determining ovulation using tests is similar to the test method for determining pregnancy, the difference lies only in a chemical reaction.

Place the tip of the test strip under a stream of urine for five seconds. In a few minutes you will get the finished result:

  • If the test line is fainter than the control strip, then the LH level has not risen and it is necessary to continue testing.
  • If the result line coincides with the color of the control strip or is darker, it means that you will soon ovulate.

Conduct the test in the morning, afternoon or evening, but try to do it at the same time each time. Four hours before the test, try not to go to the toilet, so that the concentration of hormone in the urine was sufficient. For the most accurate results, do not drink a lot of water.

Calendar method

To calculate ovulation using the calendar method, you should determine the length of your menstrual cycle over a half year-year. During this time, keep a diary with the appropriate plate, where you regularly enter dates when menstruation begins and ends. We must not forget to record all the dates of the cycle, because the accuracy of the data will depend on the effectiveness of planning a long-awaited pregnancy.

To calculate the onset of the fertile period, that is, favorable time for pregnancy, you should use an ovulation calculator or simple arithmetic operations. From the shortest period of the menstrual cycle subtract 18 days - this will be the beginning of ovulation. The last day of the fertile period is calculated by subtracting 11 days from the longest cycle.

How to accurately calculate the day of ovulation to conceive a child

The calculation of the exact terms of fertility will help a woman to organize the planning of the child. To determine the sex of the future baby, an important role is played by the difference between the behavior of male sperm X and Y. The sex of the child directly depends on what type of sperm cell the egg cell encounters.

For conceiving girls

To calculate ovulation to conceive a girl, you need to increase the possibility of meeting the X-sperm with the egg. Male sperm contains less of them. X-spermatozoa move at low speed, but differ in vitality. It is necessary to reduce the amount of semen and try to create an acidic environment in the vagina. The right time for intercourse is a couple of days before ovulation.

To conceive a girl, it is recommended to minimize foreplay.

To conceive a boy

The conception of a boy is due to the activity of Y-spermatozoa, which are distinguished by increased mobility, but short life expectancy. To maximize the possibility of pregnancy as a boy, you need to try to conceive a child during or immediately after ovulation. On the first day of ovulation, the chances of conceiving a boy increase significantly.

The correct calculation of the fertile period will make it possible not to err in choosing a favorable time for conceiving a child of the necessary sex, as well as to avoid regrets about the negative consequences of an unplanned pregnancy.

How to calculate the date of ovulation with an irregular cycle

Measurement of basal temperature by the rectal route is one of the possible methods for calculating ovulation with irregular periods. In order to maximally correctly calculate the fertile period, it is necessary to measure the temperature regularly every day for three months. It is important to maintain daily control over temperature fluctuations and listen to sensations, since even a jump of 0.3 degrees Celsius is a sign of the end of ovulation. Only an attentive and responsible approach to the calculation of all temperature indicators will allow to bring the long-awaited motherhood.

You should not pin high hopes on other methods and try to apply other methods of calculating fertile days, because controlling the growth of follicles on ultrasound will help determine the onset of this period. This is one of the most popular methods for determining the appropriate period for conception. The first ultrasound procedure should be carried out on the 7-8th day of the cycle, and the second and all subsequent ones - at your personal request or as directed by the doctor. Ovulation occurs when the follicle reaches a size of 18 to 21 mm. To become pregnant with irregular periods, you need to follow all instructions of the gynecologist.

Deciding to have a child with a loved one is no longer enough. But it is also important to seriously approach the issue of pregnancy planning, because the slightest wrong action may delay the appearance of the long-awaited baby.

Online Ovulation Calculator

Ovulation calculator allows you to quickly get the most accurate result of the calculation of the menstrual cycle and the best period for conceiving a child. The calculator provides a unique opportunity to calculate the ovulation schedule for free, choose the best time to conceive a child or avoid an unplanned pregnancy. To obtain accurate data, it is recommended to maintain a special calendar for six months - a sign in which you need to enter all the menstruation dates by weeks. Using the monthly data recorded in the calendar, and an online calculator, you will calculate the most accurate results.

External problems

These include:

  • Strong stress.
  • Overvoltage of any nature.
  • Neurosis.
  • Climate change.
  • Hard diets or fasting.
  • Bad habits.
  • Irregular sex life or its complete absence.

All violations are easily explained. Before ovulation, estrogen was responsible for the work of the hormonal system, while after its onset - progesterone.


These factors will cope much more difficult. These are mainly diseases.. Violations of the cycle cause infectious, somatic diseases, as well as inflammatory processes in the urogenital organs. The cause may be tumors and endometriosis. The body in this period is weak and can not prepare for conception.

Detection with special tests

In the female body during maturation of the egg luteinizing hormone comes to the fore. Diagnostics is based on its definition by tests. Sometimes two strips are enough to get the desired result.

The test does not indicate the maturation of the egg, it simply records a surge in the hormone. Its maximum level lasts about a day. To catch the opportunity, the test is done twice.

If the cycle is irregular, then the unit of measurement is the shortest monthly in the previous 7 months.

Tests are conducted at certain time intervals:

  1. The cycle of 32 days - testing begins with the 15th day of menstruation and is done 5-7 days.
  2. 26 days - the same, but from 7 days.
  3. 24 days - the test is done from day 9.

The method has a big disadvantage: inaccuracy and the price of strips.

Basal Temperature Measurement and Caledar Recording

The technique is quite simple: measure the temperature every morning and enter numbers in a special schedule. But the way takes time and requires a lot of patience. In addition, other factors also influence the outcome (stress, illness, sexual intercourse).

To build a graph you need to comply with certain conditions:

  • Measurement is performed in the rectum and only in the morning, without getting out of bed.
  • Measure should be at least 7 minutes.
  • Measurements are not carried out during menstruation and in uncomfortable conditions.

The graph represents the usual coordinate system.. You can draw it yourself or print a ready-made sample from the Internet.

The date of ovulation is calculated without difficulty. Usually after menstruation in the rectum, the temperature does not exceed 37 degrees. If there is an increase, then it indicates the imminent release of the egg. The maximum temperature is the day of ovulation.

If a woman took “Duphaston” in the second phase, and ovulation did occur, then the results can also be considered reliable.

Test systems

The most accurate definition of ovulation provides the application electronic reusable doughwhich can be found in any pharmacy. This is a very sensitive device, almost a mini-computer. The finished result is shown on the display, which eliminates the comparison of colors on the strip strip.

Use reusable test in this way:

  • Remove the cap and insert the strip to the mark.
  • The device is lowered into the urine collected in advance for 15 minutes or just hold for 5 seconds under a stream of urine.
  • The cap closes. After a few seconds, the “test ready” message flashes on the display, which means that the test was successful.
  • Three minutes will have to wait. Do not touch the device and do not pull out the strip.
  • If the reaction is negative, then the usual circle will appear. If positive - smiling smiley.
  • The result lasts 8 minutes. Then the strip needs to be thrown out.

There are portable systems that consist of a device and a set of strips. The result is determined by the shades of the lines that report the reaction.

Principle of operation:

  • The cell will quickly enter the genital tract if a reaction is present.
  • In order not to miss the moment, the analysis is carried out twice a day.
  • You can conceive 10 hours after a positive result of the device.

According to surveys, the majority of women who applied the electronic test, respond positively about it.

Calculation on the online calculator

Many women's sites, including ours, have a calculator, with which to actually calculate ovulation, even if the cycle is irregular. The basis of the algorithm is an elementary formula: the cycle duration is subtracted from 17. The resulting figure will indicate the day when ovulation should be expected.

To determine enter the following data:

  • The number of previous menstruation.
  • Duration of discharge.
  • Cycle time

Online calculator best suited for irregular cycles. Naturally, the method with errors, since the service can not take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

It is believed that this method can determine the sex of the newborn, or rather increase the chances of conceiving a boy or girl. This is very controversial, but when the algorithm was developed, the recommendations of qualified gynecologists were taken into account.

Symptom Definition

During the woman's ovulation immediately notice deviations in your body. First of all, it is pain in the uterus or ovary. They resemble premenstrual pain: pulling or tingling.

Sure to should pay attention on cervical fluid. It becomes more, and the consistency of it is similar to egg white.

The cervix during ovulation opens up wider and becomes much softer. By the way, if you put a finger in it, it will be noticeable that the temperature in the vagina has increased.

Women who are actively involved in sports notice that during ovulation the body becomes flexible, and the workouts are more effective, because you feel a surge of energy.

Working capacity increasesand also the desire for intimacy increases.

Laboratory diagnosis of blood

Analysis carried out in the second phase (one week after the discovery of ovulation symptoms). The amount of progesterone in the blood is investigated. This hormone is produced in the ovary, and its main purpose is to prepare the female body for pregnancy.

When ovulation occurs, blood hormone is 0.45 - 9.45 nmol / l.

Blood is given necessarily in the morning and on an empty stomach. Between analysis and food intake should be at least 8 hours.

Ovulation Calculation

In each menstrual cycle, the female body works on growing an egg cell. Initially, it is protected by a follicle membrane. In the first half of the cycle, several follicles can mature at once. Their growth is carried out under the influence of estrogen. Towards the middle of the cycle, the dominant follicle is visualized in the ovaries. After its size has passed the line of 16-18 mm, the rest begin to deflate.

Ovulation is considered the moment of release of the egg from the follicular membrane. After that, it remains viable for 24-48 hours. Pregnancy is possible if sexual intercourse occurs on the day of ovulation or several days before it. Spermatozoa can wait for the egg in the female body up to 7 days. There are several ways to calculate the moment of ovulation. These include the following:

  • evaluation of cervical mucus,
  • calendar method
  • determination of luteinizing hormone levels in urine,
  • plotting the basal temperature,
  • Ultrasound of the pelvis.

Calculation of ovulation is most often practiced when planning a child or to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Sometimes research is carried out in order to diagnose gynecological diseases. Normally, ovulation may be absent no more than 2 times a year. An increase in this number indicates hormonal problems.

Diagnosis of luteinizing hormone in urine

Certain hormones are responsible for each phase of the menstrual cycle. Before the rupture of the shells of the follicle in the body, the level of luteinizing hormone increases. Its increase can be seen with the help of special tests. They are sold in any pharmacy. The package contains 5 test strips and containers for collecting urine. Before the study is not required to exclude visiting the toilet. The result will be revealing in any case.

The test is carried out daily. The instructions indicate the scheme according to which the period of research is calculated individually. With a standard cycle, the test starts from the 11th day. LH in the female body is present in the first half of the cycle. Therefore, on the test in any case there will be two bars. The presence of ovulation is judged by the color intensity of the test strip. It should be as bright as the control. The result of the study is evaluated in conjunction with other methods of calculating fetal days.

Cervical mucus method

Cervical secretions perform a moisturizing and protective function. Their character varies with the level of hormones in the body. After the end of the monthly discharge disappear. A few days before the rupture of the follicle, their number increases. The consistency of the vaginal secretion becomes mucous. It contributes to the smooth penetration of sperm into the uterus. High humidity in the vagina may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • throbbing or pulling pain in the ovaries,
  • increased sexual attraction
  • breast tenderness,
  • sharp decrease or increase in working capacity.

A few days before ovulation, the position of the cervix changes. It rises in the upper vaginal fornix. Reaching her hand during the inspection becomes problematic. The pharynx of the cervix opens, it feels soft to the touch. After ovulation, the neck is in the same place, but its pharynx closes.

Basal Temperature Graph

Hormonal fluctuations in the body are reflected in the level of basal temperature. It is determined using a mercury thermometer in the mouth, vagina or anus. Temperature measurements are carried out early in the morning, immediately after waking up. The study should be preceded by restful sleep lasting at least 6 hours. The procedure is carried out every day, the readings are recorded in a special notebook.

The schedule is made after the end of the menstrual cycle. Vertically mark the temperature scale, horizontally prescribed days of the cycle. After each measurement on the graph put a point in accordance with the results of the study. Then the points are connected by a curve. In the follicular phase, temperature indicators range from 36.2 to 36.7 ° C. During ovulation, the temperature drops 0.3-0.4 ° C. After ovulation, it gradually increases.

The method of analysis of basal temperature has not only positive, but also negative sides. In case of incorrect measurement possible errors. In addition, the following factors may affect the outcome of the research:

  • stressful situations
  • excessive physical activity a few hours before bedtime
  • medication,
  • restless sleep
  • sexual intercourse

Ultrasound of the ovary

It is called folliculometry. Unlike standard ultrasound, it only includes determining the size of the follicles and the thickness of the endometrium. The procedure begins with a 10-11 day cycle. The study implies 3-4 visits to the specialist. Given that on the day the follicles grow on average by 1.5-2 mm, the doctor identifies the estimated date of ovulation.

An increase in fertility is indicated by the presence of a mature egg and endometrium 10–13 mm thick. If a woman is planning a pregnancy, then with such parameters she is recommended sex. На 16-18 день цикла необходимо посетить кабинет УЗИ повторно. Присутствие желтого тела в яичнике и наличие жидкости позади матки свидетельствуют о том, что овуляция была.Laboratory tests in this case will indicate an increase in progesterone. If conception does not take place, then in 14 days they will come monthly.

Ovulation tests for irregular cycles

It is not easy for women with cycle disorders to identify the day of ovulation. In this case, it is recommended to conduct the test until the amount of luteinizing hormone in the body increases. This method implies large expenses, since tests will have to be bought several times. Doctors recommend women with an irregular cycle to resort to the help of folliculometry.

If the disorders are provoked by gynecological diseases, they should be cured. Possible causes of changes in the duration of the cycle include inflammatory processes, abnormal formations in the pelvis and abnormal hormone levels. The treatment is selected in accordance with the established disease. After therapy, manipulations according to the definition of ovulation are repeated.


No diagnostic method provides a 100% guarantee when calculating the day of ovulation. Ultrasound provides a more accurate result. Doctors advise to combine with each other in several ways.

To prevent gynecological diseases, the regularity of the menstrual cycle should be monitored. Deviations must be reported immediately to a physician.

Which cycle is irregular

In women, the normal period between menstruation is the same. The cycle is considered non-permanent, when the interval between the first days of two periods is less or more than the accepted value. It lasts 21-35 days.

If the deviations do not exceed 3-4 days, it is not critical and does not require medical assistance.

Violations manifested by such signs:

  • menstruation goes through different intervals, and the girl is not able to predict their beginning,
  • menstruation constantly passes with unequal duration,
  • each time the monthly different degrees of profusion: sometimes smearing, sometimes abundant.

Even if the number of days is within acceptable limits, but the cycle duration is different, there is a possibility of pathological changes.

Suppose you notice that the menstrual cycle is lost and lasts 22 days, in the next month - 32, and then - 23. This makes it clear that there are irregularities in the body. Non-permanent monthly - an indicator of women's health.

Causes of irregular cycle

Unstable periods - this is not a disease, but a sign of changes in the body. Usually they are temporary and do not threaten a woman with complications, but sometimes signal a serious pathology.

When you notice irregular periods, you need to understand the reason. Consider the factors affecting their stability.

So that the reproductive and endocrine systems can work well, pay special attention to your physical and emotional health. Nervous overstrain or overwork provoke the production of stress hormones that disrupt the formation of female sex steroids.


The change in the duration of menstruation often talks about health problems. Violation occurs in various pathologies.

The main diseases leading to the disorder:

  1. Pathology of the thyroid gland. Plays a major role in the failure of menstruation and leads to disruption of the reproductive system.
  2. Polyp uterus. This is a benign lesion in the endometrium. Often the tumor proceeds without symptoms, but some women suffer from menstrual disorder, uterine bleeding and infertility.
  3. Polycystic ovarian disease proceeds with a lack of ovulation and hormonal imbalance. Women often complain of delayed menstruation.
  4. Endometrial hyperplasia is accompanied by the proliferation and thickening of the inner uterine membrane. The disease is provoked by endocrine disruption and leads to irregular uterine bleeding.

Sharp weight fluctuations

A small increase or loss of weight does not impair the sexual health of women. But if a girl added (or, on the contrary, lost) a dozen kilograms at once, a failure is likely. Adipose tissue forms estrogens, which are responsible for separating the functional layer of the endometrium during menstruation. With a lack or excess of hormone sterility develops.

Hormonal disbalance

Endocrine disorders lead to problems in the work of the whole organism. The first signs of pathology are considered: menstrual disorder, acne, unstable mood, loss or a sharp increase in body weight.

In the first phase, follicle-stimulating hormone is formed, which is responsible for the development of follicles, and estrogens, the increased level of which provokes the production of luteinizing hormone. LH prepares the female reproductive cell for maturation. When violations occur at this stage, ovulation does not occur or appears after its time.

In the second phase, the corpus luteum is formed. At conception it nourishes the fertilized gamete. If a temporary body does not appear, progesterone is not produced in sufficient content, and a failure occurs.

How to determine it - proven methods

If you notice irregular periods in your life, you will have to calculate the date of release of the egg from the ovary in a complicated way. Sometimes a woman feels the onset of the ovulatory phase due to symptoms: swelling of the breast, changes in vaginal mucus, increased libido.

Typically, the manifestations go unnoticed, and the girl turns to more accurate methods. Consider in detail what are the features of each of them.

Laboratory method of blood tests

The menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones, so when it fails, it becomes impermanent. The way to catch the days of ovulation and helps to identify the cause of the disorder.

Indicators of the main hormones that affect the stability of menstruation:

  • in the follicular phase - 2.8-11.3 mU / ml,
  • ovulatory - 5.8-21 mU / ml,
  • luteal - 1.2–9 mU / ml.
  • in the follicular phase - 2-14 mU / ml,
  • ovulatory - 24-150 mU / ml,
  • luteal - 2-17 honey / ml.
  • in the follicular phase - 0.35-2.25 nmol / l,
  • ovulatory - 0.49-9.41 nmol / l,
  • luteal - 6.95-56,63 nmol / l.

In order to properly track the "cherished" day in violation of the cycle, conduct laboratory diagnostics of hormones in conjunction with ultrasound.

Ovulation test

For women who want to become mothers, the way will allow them to learn auspicious day at home and identify the most appropriate time for fertilization. In contact with the urine, the device feels an increase in PH when ovulation occurs.

With irregular menstruations, the shortest cycle is taken as the basis. Do not do the analysis in the morning: it is better to take the urine for testing from 10 to 20 hours. 4 hours before the procedure can not drink liquid.

Types of devices for determining ovulation:

  1. Test strips - an inexpensive and easy way, reminiscent of the technique of devices for determining pregnancy.
  2. Inkjet: does not require prior collection of urine. Urine should fall only on the sensitive end of the device.
  3. Electronic: the sensitive end is put under the urine stream, and the result appears on the display.
  4. Reusable: Saliva is required for testing. The device considers its changes indicating ovulation.

Basal temperature tracking

Increased BT is associated with the formation of progesterone. It is measured in the morning immediately after waking up in the mouth, rectum or vagina. On the "treasured" day, the basal temperature is higher compared to the rest of the time.

Make a calendar where you will record the readings. The method allows you to plan a pregnancy and even identify infertility that has developed due to hormonal disruption or inflammation of the genital organs.

Irregular cycle treatment

To correct the violation, take action. We'll have to change your lifestyle. Bad habits, stress, poor diet or excessive physical exertion adversely affect the genitals. Give your body a break and discard the factors listed.

Consult a specialist to cure the underlying disease. Pathologies occurring with endocrine disorders require the restoration of hormonal levels.

Sometimes you need to take oral contraceptives with anti-androgenic effect - Jes, Yarin. They are drunk even in the absence of sexual activity. With prolonged delays of menstruation, progestogens are prescribed - Duphaston, Utrogestan.

With a decrease in thyroid hormones, replacement therapy is used to compensate for their deficiency. If the content is high, use drugs that suppress the activity of the body. Sometimes surgery is required on the thyroid gland.

Talk with your doctor about changing your contraceptive method. Some means of protection (IUD, hormonal injections) violate the menstrual cycle. After consulting with a gynecologist, you will eliminate the changes and get protection from unwanted pregnancy.

What happens during ovulation

The female body has many unique features, including the functioning of the reproductive system. Female germ cells, which have the name of the egg, are laid in girls even during fetal development. The ovaries serve as "storage" of eggs.

After puberty in girls, the menstruation cycle is established, during which the egg cell regularly matures when it is not fertilized, at the end of the cycle it comes out with menstrual blood.

The menstrual cycle is a biological process that repeats with a certain rhythm and prepares a woman's body for pregnancy. An average woman does not have exactly a month but 28 days from the first day of her period to the first day of the next menstruation. Cycles that last 21 to 36 days are considered normal.

Hormones and the three phases of the female cycle

Hormones are responsible for all processes that occur in the reproductive system, the main ones are:

  • FSH - follitropin or follicle-stimulating hormone,
  • Prolactin,
  • Estrogen or estradiol,
  • LH - lutropin or luteinizing hormone,
  • Progesterone,
  • Androgens.

First phase

The first day of the menstrual cycle is considered the day of the beginning of menstruation, and the entire cycle period is usually divided into three phases:

  • Follicular
  • Ovulatory
  • Luteal.

The follicular phase is the time preceding ovulation. On the first day of the beginning of the discharge of blood from the vagina, the follicle begins to mature in the ovaries. A follicle is a fluid-filled vesicle in the ovaries that contains an egg cell. Under the influence of the hormones FSH and LH, which the pituitary gland produces, from the first to 7-8 days, several follicles in the right and left ovary mature. After 7-8 days, and in a long cycle (a menstrual cycle that lasts over 30 days), after 11-12 days, one main one is defined - the dominant follicle, which continues to grow and the rest regress.

During the period of growth of the dominant follicle, under the action of the hormone estrogen, the uterus mucous membrane is compacted, which is prepared to receive the ovum fertilized by the sperm cell. A follicle that has reached a diameter of 7–10 mm is considered dominant, it grows daily by an average of 2 mm, and by the middle of the menstrual cycle it should grow to 22–24 mm and burst, freeing the egg cell.

The second phase of the cycle - ovulation

Around the middle of the cycle, the mature female reproductive cell is ready for fertilization. The lifetime of the egg, i.e. The time at which fertilization can occur is considered to be 24 hours after the follicle has burst and ovulation has occurred.

If fertilization has not occurred, the female reproductive cell has not met with the male reproductive cell, the spermatozoon, then the egg together with the epithelium from the walls of the uterus comes out in the form of menstrual secretions.

The third phase of the menstrual cycle

The luteal phase or the corpus luteum phase occurs after ovulation. The luteal phase lasts 12-14 days before the start of the next menstrual period. If fertilization has occurred, then the luteal phase supports the production of progesterone, which secures the fertilized egg to the walls of the uterus. In case of failure and unfertilized egg, the endometrium - the inner mucous membrane of the uterus, dies, progesterone and estrogen decreases and bleeding begins. With the onset of menstrual bleeding, the new follicle begins to mature again, which will lead to a new ovulation.

The path of the egg in the female genital organs

Ovulation period and its calculations

If a woman controls her menstrual cycle, she can easily calculate the days of ovulation and plan a pregnancy. There are several ways to calculate and determine ovulation:

  • Keeping a calendar
  • Basal temperature measurement
  • Ovulation test,
  • Monitoring folliculogenesis.

Each woman can choose the method of determining favorable days for conception, which will be convenient to her, ranging from the simplest, but less accurate, to the method of ultrasound examination with 100% accuracy.

Women's calendar

The simplest, but not the most accurate method of calculating ovulation, is keeping a calendar of critical days. Gynecologists recommend that everyone keep a calendar in which the first day of menstruation must be celebrated monthly. When the calendar marks 3-4 start dates, you can calculate the average duration of the cycle.

Calendar with the first day of the cycle

The figure shows the calendar of a woman whose cycle is stable and lasts 28 days. In order to calculate the day of ovulation, it is necessary to calculate the middle of the cycle:

The 14th day after the start of the month is supposed to be the day of ovulation.

Fertile days - days favorable for conception as a result of unprotected intercourse, are considered 3 days before ovulation and 2 days after.

Women's smartphone apps

Our mothers and grandmothers kept pocket calendars; today, it has become much easier to control the menstrual cycle with the help of applications for your smartphone. You can choose any convenient program and download it in a couple of minutes and completely free. There are a lot of functions in such modern applications, they will not only tell you the period of ovulation and safe sex, but also help you monitor your mood, the abundance of secretions, mark sexual acts and more. Various options will help to customize the application to make it as useful as possible for you, and even announce about the upcoming ovulation.

Application interface for the smartphone "Female Calendar"

Basal temperature and its measurement

The basal temperature is the lowest temperature, which is measured after continuous sleep for more than 6 hours, at rest. This method of determining the day of ovulation after menstruation is more accurate than keeping a female calendar. Regular basal temperature measurement allows you to recognize:

  • The phase of the menstrual cycle and the onset of ovulation,
  • Fertilization, egg attachments,
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Inflammation in the reproductive system.

For the analysis of basal temperature, all measurements are recorded in a graph, where the vertical axis is degrees, and the horizontal one is the day of the menstrual cycle in order.

Graph of basal temperature in the cycle without pregnancy

  • During menstruation - 37 ° C,
  • After the end of bleeding decreases to 36.3 ° C,
  • Until the middle of the cycle, 36-36,6 ° С are considered normal,
  • In the ovulatory period, three days should be within 37.1-37.3 ° C,
  • Keeps at the level of 37.1-37.5 ° C and begins to decline 3 days before the new menstrual period,
  • If fertilization failed, then before menstruation it drops to 36.9-37 ° C,
  • With successful fertilization, the temperature level does not fall below 37 ° C.

Basal Temperature Measurement Rules

In order for your basal temperature schedule to be as informative and reliable as possible, these rules should be followed:

  • Measure the temperature regularly, without missing days, for several months in a row. The data of one month of measurements will not give objective information, only by analyzing three or more basal temperature graphs you can make accurate predictions about your cycle.
  • Measurements are taken daily at the same morning time. If the time will differ by more than half an hour from previous measurements, the data obtained are considered unreliable.
  • The temperature is measured immediately after waking up. A woman should not get out of bed, make sudden gestures. This temperature should be measured in the most peaceful state after a continuous sleep for at least 6 hours.
  • Measurements are performed rectally. The thermometer is left for 5 minutes in the anus. There are possible measurements in the mouth or in the vagina, but the classical and recommended method is rectal. With other methods of measurement degrees differ from those that we gave in the measurement chart.
  • Use the same thermometer for measurement, because an error of one tenth of a degree will affect the overall assessment of the information.

Thus, an increase in basal temperature in the middle of the menstrual cycle is a signal that the egg cell has matured and begins its movement from the ovary to the uterus. The median is a temperature of 37 ° C, a spike in temperature of 0.4 ° C and the fact that it has risen above 37 ° C is a clear sign of ovulation.

Types of tests

There are several types of ovulation tests:

  • A test strip is an ordinary paper strip that must be immersed in urine for a few seconds. There is a pink control mark on such a test, depending on the concentration of LH in the urine, a second color line appears, the closer its color corresponds to the control, the greater the concentration of the hormone. In such tests, usually 5 paper strips. They are recommended to start from the 11th day of the cycle every other day. Одна цветная полоса, либо очень бледная полоса означают, что тест отрицательный, овуляция не наступила. С приближением овуляции вторая полоса должна становиться ярче, а в момент овуляции по насыщенности цвета совпадать с контрольной полосочкой.
  • Струйный тест. More optimized version of the test for ovulation, but the principle of action is similar to the test strip. This test is necessary to substitute a stream of urine, do not need to be immersed in urine.
  • Digital test. Such tests determine the day of ovulation with 99% accuracy. Unlike the previous two options, this test determines the presence of LH hormone in saliva. The shape of this test resembles lipstick, it is reusable. The principle of operation is the same as in a microscope, the test shows the concentration of LH in dried saliva. Before carrying out the test, carefully read the instructions, because in such a test it is important not to drink and not to urinate 2 hours before the test.

Important! Drugs ovulation tests are considered twice as reliable as determining this important day with the help of the female calendar.

Symptoms and sensations

Some women claim they feel a moment of ovulation. This is quite possible, because the follicle bursts when the egg is released, and this can be accompanied by a slightly painful sensation. Watching yourself, you can identify a few more symptoms of ovulation:

  • Abdominal distention and pain,
  • A drop of blood on underwear as a result of a follicle rupture,
  • Vaginal discharge has become more abundant and resemble egg white in consistency,
  • Splash of hormones. You can feel increased libido, feel a change in mood, and how the chest is poured.

7 facts affecting ovulation

Every woman at least once faced with interruptions in the menstrual cycle. Before you panic, you need to analyze the situation, because the female body is very sensitive to the surrounding factor and can react to them differently. A cycle failure is considered a delay of more than 5 days, which is caused by any factors other than pregnancy. As you already know, there are three phases in the menstrual cycle, a failure in any of the three periods will cause a delay or premature onset of menstruation.

So what can affect the menstrual cycle?

  • Disease. Everything in our body works like a clockwork, and a failure on any level will cause more global problems. In the first place, diseases of the reproductive system affect infections and inflammations, but even acute respiratory viral infections, and even more flu, can trigger a delay or premature start of menstruation.
  • Stress. In the production of hormones that are responsible for critical days, the pituitary plays one of the main roles. Similarly, the pituitary gland is a major participant during stress. Anxiety, exhaustion, work on wear - these are levers that negatively affect your entire body and the menstrual cycle as well.
  • Hormonal disbalance. Our hormones are very dependent on everything around and inside us. A profile doctor should deal with such a problem. The main causes of this disorder may be thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, reduced kidney function. Hormones are rearranged during puberty and menopause.
  • Weight. Problems with the cycle are observed in women who are overweight or critically low weight. Such delays go away if you return to a normal body mass index. Excessive exercise and exercise can also affect the cycle.
  • Bad habits. After an intoxication of the body, the reproductive system quickly reacts and the menstruation may stop going altogether, or the cycles will be anovulatory (the ano-ovulatory cycle is a cycle without ovulation).
  • Medication. Oral contraceptives, drugs containing hormones affect the failure of the female cycles.
  • Climate change. If you go from winter to summer or the weather is abnormal, your ovulation may occur later or earlier, thereby shifting your cycle.

Determination of ovulation in an irregular cycle

If delays happen to you often, then this is a reason to consult a gynecologist. When a couple tries to conceive a child throughout the year and there are no results, then such families are advised to contact reproductive specialists, who will help determine the cause of the failure. The first step at this stage will be to identify the presence of ovulation and women and problems with the quality of sperm in a man.

100% reliable way to control the course of ovulation is folliculogenesis monitoring.

What is folliculogenesis?

Folliculogenesis or folliculometry is a multi-stage study and monitoring the growth of female follicles using ultrasound (US).

Based on the data on the duration of your cycle, the gynecologist-reproduction specialist will determine the day from which you will attend the ultrasound scan. Most often, folliculogenesis begins from 10-11 days after the onset of menstruation and until the onset of ovulation. With the help of a vaginal ultrasound transducer, the doctor looks at the presence and size of the dominant (main) follicle.

The size of the follicles, which in the initial state are in the ovaries, is 2-5 mm. By the 8-11th day of the cycle on the ultrasound monitor, the doctor will be able to assess the growth of the follicles and determine the presence of the dominant one, which has reached the size of 8-10 mm fastest. You will then be assigned a date for a re-visit to an ultrasound diagnosis based on the size of the dominant follicle. Patients visit the ultrasound 3-4 times during the cycle, your visit to the doctor will not take more than 10 minutes.

A follicle growth of 2 mm per day is considered normal, and in the amount of 20–22 mm ovulation may occur - ovulation. If ovulation has occurred, the doctor behind the ultrasound machine will determine the presence of a small amount of fluid in the uterine space and the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum is the formation that appears in place of the mature follicle. For conception, you have 24 hours after the follicle has burst.

Folliculometry disorders

Possible to identify violations of folliculometry, when ovulation does not occur, namely:

  • The dominant follicle does not form,
  • The follicle begins to regress, shrink in size,
  • The follicle does not release an egg cell, outgrows,
  • Cyst formation
  • The corpus luteum grows with an unbroken follicle - luteinization.

Correction of the irregular cycle

Modern medicine has a number of tools to help women normalize their menstrual cycle. Consult a fertility specialist who will evaluate your problem and prescribe a suitable treatment. The most common problems with the cycle are often solved by such methods:

  • Prescribing progesterone-containing drugs
  • Correction of hormonal levels due to taking 3-6 months of oral contraceptives,
  • The treatment of infections and inflammation of the genital organs.

There are no hopeless situations, medicine has made great strides in reproductive technologies. The percentage of successful use of assisted reproductive technologies, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) is increasing daily. Do not self-medicate, contact your doctor.

Be healthy and let your plans come true!

How to determine the day of ovulation?

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